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  • These Switches Exceeded My Expectations.

    posted by steve1425

    These switches will work for just about any DPDT or SPDT switch application. They are not click switches, nor are they tactile switches, so it is push and release. They are very compact and fit a standard 100 mil pin spacing.
    Works better than expected. A considerable number of switch configurations are possible. Don't forget to debounce this switch in your project!
    This product exceeded my expectations.
  • mazing cheap and complete assortiment of diodes

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very cheap and complete assotiment of the most needed diodes, as well powerful as fast as skottky (lower voltage loss) so no sweat to get the diode you need. it is almost everytime in this pack.
    Be aware of the somtimes low reverse voltage of some of the Skottkydiodes.They however are VERY good in protecting very expensive laserdiodes (connect them antiparralel to the laserdiodes and they will almost never be destroyed, because that is the meanest killer of LD's exept overcurrent and bad cooling.
    Every serious electronic enigineer should have these diode at home any time.DX , THANKS!!
  • A standard switch for the right price

    posted by mastertriangle

    Standard size and shape to replace a variety of switches especially in computer front panels. Pins are 2.54mm (0.1") pitch which is standard for in-line through-hole PCB mounting (will fit breadboards). Perfect for prototyping.
    They are locking but can be disassembled and if the small bent rod is removed they will be the same as the momentary action switches (there is no other difference between the two products).This saves buying two different packages when I only need about 8 of each. Obviously this can not be panel mounted without a PCB to hold it.
    Good yes and buy them (but only if you want to)
  • Good but not perfect

    posted by Riwels

    Nice quality built-in.His look. Doesn't look like the classic switches and it makes your projects to look better.Strong slide. You need to push it (Not too much, just perfect). It will not move alone. You can listen a "click" when you move it.As always in DX, the price.
    1.28gr each switchIt takes 6 pins lenght.
  • Must be soldered, AMAZING PRODUCT

    posted by punkonjunk

    WORKS GREAT. These are SUPER hard to find, and NEVER this cheap! Finally, I don't have to tear apart broken DS's I buy second hand, I just have these! my shoulder buttons always go out in every handheld I own (besides my PSP... hm...) so these are a damn GODSEND.
    They work GREAT so far, for me.
    Great devices, go slow so you don't mess up!
    Thank you DX for stocking these!

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