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  • It is great

    posted by 87rotary

    It's cheap and it works.It even works in 2048 x 1536 32 bit.
    You need to buy lots of VGA cables.
    It's great if you want to connect your PCs, Xbox 360 and Dreamcast to a single monitor.
  • Nice good

    posted by fabiodejardim

    A beautiful device with black matte finishing.Works very well at USB 3.0 Super Speed.It has a LED to notice when each port is powered on.Easy to carry with a notebook.Plug and play, no hardware install in Windows, very simple to use.
    Four USB outlets with separate energy controlFor use with high power devices, like more than one Portable HDD might be necessary to use an external power supply.
    A small, functional and beautiful device.
  • Cheap, effective, reliable.

    posted by mikes78

    I have had this for nearly a year now and it has been on and in use every single day since it arrived at my home. A power cable is not needed, it can draw power from any/all ps/2 connectors to the pc, be it mouse or keyboard. The light is easy to see and the device makes a clear beep when you press the button, which is handy if you install it behind a monitor where it isn't visible, you can just count the number of beeps from successfull presses to know which pc is activated.
    As to Loetje's comment about flicker, this is very true if your monitor is set to 60Hz, but if you set your monitor to 65Hz or above this goes away. Mine happily drives my monitor on [email protected] and has done so the entire time i've had it.
  • Não funcionou como prometido

    posted by gilsonac

    Pequeno, não precisa de fonte, inteligente (detecta o aparelho quando ligado, mudando automaticamente a chave).
    Não funcionou para mim por não ser compatível com meus aparelhos! A DX poderia melhorar a descrição de seus produtos, pois é comum levar o cliente a realizar compras erradas.
    Não recomendo para quem quer ligar o ps3 no mesmo.
  • Great Cant go wrong

    posted by Buzzlight

    This thing just works, great for when you don't have enough av inputs, Picture quality is fine, Even my Logitech universal remote discovered it by brand & model & controls it perfectly.
    Works great, nice manual buttons if you lose the remote. good price. even cheaper than local manual switch boxes. The power supply that cam was not an Australian plug, but the pins are soft enough to "massage into the correct shape (USE YOUR COMMON SENSE THOUGH)
    Get one, so you don't have to use any more energy to get up & press another dang button

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