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  • Handy tool

    posted by kushNhitz

    The fire steel works great and the whistle is really louder than I expected. The clip is from good plastic and does not feel like it is going to break from a little usage.
    Maybe it would be handy to inform the customers about the strength of the rope, I have no clue what I could use the rope for and in an emergency survival situation one time fail might be one time too much.
    For the price a nice and good looking "para"cord-bracelet with handy survival tools that work when needed. Would not trust the rope with too much weight/stress since it is obviously not real paracord
  • Every traveller should carry one

    posted by rjluehrs

    * Retro-reflective coating in center (around star) makes it easy to point the reflection at rescuers. * Large size 90 sq cm (12 x 7.5) gives huge signal; others (about 8 x 5) less than half as big. * Thick (unbreakable?) plastic around mirror, and thin film of protective plastic sheet to protect from scratches; gives clear signal. * Lanyard is strong & useful. * Firestarter is small, but good as 3rd backup (after lighter, larger firesteel, etc). * Has tiny compass and whistle.
    This is *real* signalling mirror with retro-reflective locator; not just a polished bit of steel; this is world-class for survival or otherwise shining up to miles away.This isn't glass (shinier, but shatters), it won't float (without a bobber), and it isn't tiny (compact), but it *is* the best design for the purpose.
    Anyone who steps off the road should be prepared to signal for help (even if not for yourself, for someone who needs assistance). This is the best tool for the job. This is 1/4 the cost of other signalling mirrors, and those are not as high quality as this. I bought for all my outdoor pals.
  • Very good!

    posted by securedigital

    I'ts a must have to those who love camping, hiking, etc.
    -It is very loud
    -It is very light
    -It is made of hard plastic
    -Temperature more or less accurate
    -Compass is precise, but must be placed in horizontal way to work properly.
    Very handy & useful, and the price is awesome.
  • Good Gift Idea

    posted by chicapuertovara

    Got This for me and my hubby and we found it that it is very useful. it hasFlash LightCompassWhistleAt first we trie turning on the flashlight and the light didnt work, then we opend it up and it had a clear plastic inside to prevent the batteries to die out for safety. we looked at the compass and it worked it shows north we it should and the whistle is loud and anoying.recomend it yes.
    Nice Good for gifts
    very cheap item for me will recomend it and buy some more for friends
  • Compact and practical but produced sound too low

    posted by Taoufix

    The whistle is Cheap, and compact, and is of a good quality, it is light and has no complicated mechanism which may break, and it's easy to use. and easy to carry around in a key chain and is hardly noticeable. The packaging is good.
    Need to be available in more colors. And work needs to be done on how to make the emitted sound higher.
    Overall good. Maybe a life saver in case of an emergency. To some up it's good for its price.

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