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  • The Better Inexpensive Reusable Matchstick

    posted by GunMan552

    Better build than most of the other inexpensive matchsticks, O-Ring to keep the Fuel from evaporating
    It seems like a good idea, but there are just too many flaws with the product. Had the build quality and serviceability been present in this product, it would make a very nice piece in most survival kits.
    I just got this to mess around with, for the price you might as well too, but don't rely or put all your faith in it during a dire situation.
  • I am actually amazed

    posted by DKMur

    This Thing Lights Lint out of the drier, torn up paper, bits of dry leaves, its got a place to put a Thong on so you can hang it off your neck or backpack.It seems sturdy the protective cover works well
    I think Australian customs thought this was something else. On a Xray it would have looked like a strange spring loaded knife. My package was opened but it was delivered no problem.
    This thing works fine if you want to try one buy one
  • Compact and useful shovel

    posted by Makana2000

    good size!!!, good material!!!. compact!!!. special for camping or in the car luggage. it is easy to ensamble. came with a sharp side for cut the hard ground. you can get the shovel with your hand because have enought space for the 5 fingers of one hand
    came in a good quality cloth bag
    good buy, good material, good price.the size is good for the work.i am really happy with this gadget, special for the camping
  • works greate for wood

    posted by krisking

    its easy to take whit you, more compackt then a big saw, and works just as well.the rings are greate handles, and your hands dont slip off.
    i think i have to get a little more uset to saw in a straight line whit it, but it is a great tool.its mutch more safe then a big saw, and its harder to cut youself whit
    if you offen go out and need brantches, then it is better then bringing a big saw.
  • Good but fragile

    posted by AlanMol

    It's light and very easy to mount/dismount, also has a very nice design. The tool is also very compact, which makes it suitable to be carried in your car.
    It's a good equipment to have, but it might disappoint you if you're counting on it. It is worth considering its price and the Pros, I do recommend it unless you're looking for a professional tool.

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