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survival rope Customers Reviews

  • Better than expected

    posted by 086man

    it has the 7 strands inner core and the colour is great for making Braclets,Looks great and for the price one cant complain. the thing that makes it win for me is not having to pay postage,i reckon it will do for my tarp over my hammock and many other uses but its so nice looking i should keep it for things like braclets and other fancy knot items
    Just ordered some more
    Perfect for my needs and will be recommending it to my mates that buy the usa made cord at around the same price but pay big money on postage
  • material em de boa qualidade

    posted by bodycaf

    material de usos diversos tais como usar em atacadores de sapatos, suspender cama de rede em acampamento, usar como matéria prima para fazer pulseira de sobrevivência, para em caso de emergência termos corda sempre à nossa disposição
    compensa esperar mais tempo e pagar menos pelo produto
    diversas actividades exteriores
  • Great for bushcraft and Knife Making

    posted by rpinkovai

    Very well make, very beautiful and it looks very reliable. The cammo pathern is pretty and looks great when used to make knife handles.
    I didn't perform any real test to check the cord strength but I don't recommend it for climbing. If you intent to use for this purpose you may cause an accident. Look for more specific products in climbing stores!
    When you are camping or praticing some bushcraft, small and reliable ropes are very usefull. You can use this product to attach your tent to your backpack or the hammock to a tree. Very good for knife makers to wrap in to the knife handle.
  • Useful

    posted by gewse2k

    Thin, lightweight and strong.Pricing; cheap for the quality and length
    A real bargain. Strands can be used for creating even smaller cording and with a needle even used for sewing things back together.Just wouldn't use for parachuting or climbing.
    Just need to scorch the ends because of the separate strands because there's to much space between the combined strands and outer sheath.Good for camping, kayaking and general tying things together or hanging stuff.
  • Not too bad

    posted by DellSuperman

    - It really does glow in the dark, cool to show off to friends.- Good for tying tabs & lanyard.
    White lanyard on its own is already a pretty cool thing because it is quite rare. Throw in the glow in the dark feature (though glowing time is too short), it just adds on to the coolness.
    I bought several of these ropes to tie lanyard & stuff, and this one caught my eye with the glow in dark feature. So I bought just 10m to try but like I said, the glow don't last long, even when exposed to a high lumens of light..

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