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survival keychain Customers Reviews

  • The Better Inexpensive Reusable Matchstick

    posted by GunMan552

    Better build than most of the other inexpensive matchsticks, O-Ring to keep the Fuel from evaporating
    It seems like a good idea, but there are just too many flaws with the product. Had the build quality and serviceability been present in this product, it would make a very nice piece in most survival kits.
    I just got this to mess around with, for the price you might as well too, but don't rely or put all your faith in it during a dire situation.
  • water proof match

    posted by johnnyboy626

    This product is excellent when going camping or during an emergency when one does not have anything to make a fire. This item has a striker and a reservoir which to save lighter fluid into. This is very suitable, while needing to creat a fire.
    The strike and striker should be better more better in order to have the item last longer, however it is seen as an item of last resort and is realiable.
    worth the price because one never knows when they might need it. If the wooden matches get wet and the lighter looses its fluid or is soaked with water. This water proof match will save the day.
  • nice whistle

    posted by vailiander

    it's a very nice whistle. it is very sollid and it came in black. it has a very clear tone. it's easy to use. it is also very cheap and easy to use. it comes in handy if your trying to signal people or if you just want to make some music.
    it is nice to have on your keychain or something.
    I would recommend it to everyone because it's cheap and nice.
  • Compact and practical but produced sound too low

    posted by Taoufix

    The whistle is Cheap, and compact, and is of a good quality, it is light and has no complicated mechanism which may break, and it's easy to use. and easy to carry around in a key chain and is hardly noticeable. The packaging is good.
    Need to be available in more colors. And work needs to be done on how to make the emitted sound higher.
    Overall good. Maybe a life saver in case of an emergency. To some up it's good for its price.
  • pretty loud whistle

    posted by radioelephant

    If you need a loud whistle, this one is right for you. It is cheap and it's loud. I have never thought that it would be that loud!
    The tone is hurting in the ears, if you blow it strongly. But that doesn't bother me, but if you're sensitive on these things, it's maybe too loudfor you.
    It does what it says. It's a cheap, good and small whistle. If you need a outdoor survival whistle, then go for it, and buy this one!


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