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survival flint Customers Reviews

  • worth the money

    posted by jelicocat

    Overall it is a great deal for the price. It throws good sparks. The construction feels solid and feels good in the hand.
    First thing to do is replace the ball chain with paracord and add an o-ring to make it water tight. Also had to add some petrolium jelly to the threads.
    I am very happy with this product. With the few minor mods mentioned above it has become an essential in my outdoor kit.
  • Very useful product

    posted by jestpaDX

    Almost all the most important survival tools in one smal kit.
    Very long 7,2cm flint (the longer it is, easier for use). It is sparks very easily.
    Small compass, it can be very helpful.
    Whistle with loud and tiny voice.
    There is also saws and ruler (2cm long).
    On packaging you have short and very helpful easy understanding user manual in different language (English included).
    Striker need to be turned with text up, because the age of it are sharper on bottom side, so it is easier for making sparks. Before first use you need to remove black paint from fire-starter, you can do it with striker or some knife.
    Flint and handle are glued together and I can only hope the glue is good enough to hold it together for a long time, otherwise the flint can be lost very easily (drop out of handle).
    I like useful multi-function tools and this is one of them.
  • Get it,and feel rough

    posted by nemosvk

    Very compact, yet the magnesium part big enough to withstand furious sparkling for long time. Much more durable than many similar branded products. Works even if dropped into water.
    You have to get used to it,but you will love it.Whereever you go outdoors,take it with you,you wont notice the weight but can save your life.Great for Propane-butane stowes,great for classic fire in camp.. I recomend you to scratch some of the magnesium very slowly onto paper or wood,and then make a fast scratch to fire it up.
    Great for you,great for your friends
  • Gone fishing

    posted by NyaLen

    The flint and iron are good qualty and I made sparks with no problem. The flashlight works well, it has a great luminiscense power.It has included a wistle and a cotton cord, usefull.
    Don´t recomend it. Has manofacture problems.
    Buy this item only if you are shure that it will arrive your home in one piece.
  • Decent

    posted by GoblinTechies

    Lots of flint, nice and compact in the holder.
    Works like it should.
    The whistle and knife are on a separate chain, so they can be separated from the flint. What I did is I just put the flint on the same chain, so one won't be missing from the other.
    Ive also seen flints where you cut off a bit of the magnesium (???) casing, then when you get sparks, those bits will start sparking more.
    It will last a long time, play with it in a non-windy place and try and get it working. Once you have a knack for it, then try it in the woods or something.

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