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survival fire sparkle flint

Purchase the latest survival fire sparkle flint with wonderful pricing Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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survival fire sparkle flint Customers Reviews

  • Easy to make fire

    posted by erlonleonardo

    It is a small instrument, lightweight, easy to be transported. It is easy to be handled after they got used to it. It has a very good price, considering the quality of the product. The blade to the friction has a marking strip 50 mm on one side and on the other scale of 1 to 100,000, still serves as a bottle opener and a scraper
    Practical, easy to carry and handle, good price and good quality
  • Great Quality!!

    posted by Kriegsjunkie

    The Quality of the Carrier is MUCH better than I would have expected, it could easily be used as a Kubotan, for self-defense.The Chain is way longer than it appears, easily 70 cm, and it also looks like it take a punch.
    the Spark-flint was coverded in a bit of oil, which has to be removed for it to work properly.
    Great Product for an acceptable price, I'll probably order a few for my buddies
  • Beautiful and practical

    posted by lordnaell

    Good price. Good quality. Beautiful. Easy to carry. Good spark. Practical, can be used with just one hand.
    Comparando o preço com os do Brasil, vale a pena.The outside is a rubber cool. The material is plastic, but the manner of use of the other pieces seem sturdy. Magnesium bar is not very big but the model is excellent.
    As good as the picture
  • Recebi aqui no Brasil

    posted by carapana

    Chegaram aqui, em Goiás - Brasil, as cinco unidades que encomendei. Conferem com o que foi divulgado no site em relação ao tamanho e características gerais.Recomendo.Moisés, bombeiro em Brasília.
    Já que se trata de uma ferramenta de produção de fogo, principalmente ao ar livre, acredito que teria mais efetividade se a peça plástica usada para reter com os dedos fosse em uma com refletiva ou luminescente.
    Ferramenta confiável e eficaz. Fogo fácil.Recomendo.Moisés, bombeiro em Brasília.
  • This is brilliant

    posted by crudtastic

    Starts fires in all conditionsEasy to useLasts for quite some time
    Try using it on a spread out cotton wool ball to start a get a fire started. There's a knack to getting the most spark to the right spot for starting fires (the cotton wool ball will start first time every time though)
    For the price of a cheeseburger you can't go wrong! We leave one in the camper trailer so that we're always prepared. You'll be thnkful for this during a zombie apocolypse!

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