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survival compass Customers Reviews

  • Every traveller should carry one

    posted by rjluehrs

    * Retro-reflective coating in center (around star) makes it easy to point the reflection at rescuers. * Large size 90 sq cm (12 x 7.5) gives huge signal; others (about 8 x 5) less than half as big. * Thick (unbreakable?) plastic around mirror, and thin film of protective plastic sheet to protect from scratches; gives clear signal. * Lanyard is strong & useful. * Firestarter is small, but good as 3rd backup (after lighter, larger firesteel, etc). * Has tiny compass and whistle.
    This is *real* signalling mirror with retro-reflective locator; not just a polished bit of steel; this is world-class for survival or otherwise shining up to miles away.This isn't glass (shinier, but shatters), it won't float (without a bobber), and it isn't tiny (compact), but it *is* the best design for the purpose.
    Anyone who steps off the road should be prepared to signal for help (even if not for yourself, for someone who needs assistance). This is the best tool for the job. This is 1/4 the cost of other signalling mirrors, and those are not as high quality as this. I bought for all my outdoor pals.
  • Gone fishing

    posted by NyaLen

    The flint and iron are good qualty and I made sparks with no problem. The flashlight works well, it has a great luminiscense power.It has included a wistle and a cotton cord, usefull.
    Don´t recomend it. Has manofacture problems.
    Buy this item only if you are shure that it will arrive your home in one piece.
  • Wilderness Survival Tool 3-in-1 Fire Sparkle Flint + Compass + Whistle - Bl

    posted by RenatoJorge

    I never used this, but it looks solidthe plastic thing is good to hold everything bether. I bought to a boy scout that told me that in portugal this kind of things are very expensive. The price is very good comparing to what he told me the prices are in herea good soft cord, good for the toucheverything looks really nice and well made.good whistle, a loud soundcompass works, it is a bit small, but in a small thing like this it could not be bigger
    a great idea to use the sparkle and the cutter with only one device. Frees one and to hold something near the sparkles
    buy it if you need this kind of things
  • Handy 4 in 1 gadget for outdoor

    posted by tohterry

    - Thermometer is quite accurate; with a scale division of 2°C or 5°F- Compass is liquid based and is quite accurate, but it contains a small air bubble- Quite light
    To get another type of keychain, go for sku 4338 for 42 cents more. But this doesn't have the logo and words printed on it unlike sku 4338
    This is not suitable to be used as a survival whistle due to the shortcomings, but it is still useful as the compass and thermometer are quite accurate. Bring it along in your next trip to know the temperature and your direction.
  • Fantastic Survival Fire Starter

    posted by jpedra

    easy to use, not problems to make sparks, good build quality iit is build in aluminium, good size, and the product look better phisicaly that picture
    it took 34 business days to mexico so much time and i was exciting to use it.
    you must allow to U.S warehouse to ship to mexico it could reduce the delivery time for me
    good product build in aluminium


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