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  • Let it be the light

    posted by White885544

    Can start a fire, and when you learn few tricks it gets better...Whistle can also be useful for calling your wife to bring you beer. lolOutdoor is made for this baby and i have 4 pcs
    Handy for camping, tracking, climbing etcof course if you stop and lite a fire, and everyone needs a good fire
    Good thing to have, even if it means just to show off
  • Great sparks!

    posted by r3kka

    Good sparksEasy to lightComes with secure rope and whistle and compassStriker has small measurement on it for reading map scale (not that useful for me though haha)Nice indent for thumbs in striker and flint for ergonomic reasons.
    tested in dry condition on wet moist ground and lights up pretty easily.Spark flies without much effort and gives out a good amount of sparks.Overall it is a good flint and the striker works well too.
    Just buy it!It works well and easy.In fact, buy a few!
  • Nice pair of flashlights

    posted by chicapuertovara

    The 2 Flashlights Came In A Zip Lock When They Arrived. I got One Black One And One Purple One, Very Nice Color.. It is a 3 in 1 FlashlightCompassWhistleThe Whistle Is Quaite Loud and AnoyingThe Flahlight light is ledthe compass works does what it should. I would recommend it to all my friends and family
    Nice Pair Of Flashlights
    Nice for party favors or school gifts or just to sell to your friends.
  • Gone fishing

    posted by NyaLen

    The flint and iron are good qualty and I made sparks with no problem. The flashlight works well, it has a great luminiscense power.It has included a wistle and a cotton cord, usefull.
    Don´t recomend it. Has manofacture problems.
    Buy this item only if you are shure that it will arrive your home in one piece.
  • perfect for outdoors

    posted by fr4n0

    Is a light my fire copy, I have a few of these, as well as sweeden brands and there are just as good as the sweedis firesteal, is great just last arround 12000 strikes.easy to usealso this color is easy to find when lose in the woods
    You have to take the paint of first (one or two strikes will do), you need to get a lot of experience to be able to get most of it but when you do you can do as much as the guys on tv survival shows (with this).good material to catch a spark is important watch videos, coton is always gooda pice of advice use your thums on the "holes" of the handels if not it will be hard to do it
    100% recomended

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