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survival bracelet Customers Reviews

  • awsome

    posted by everything102030

    * it has 2 6 ft lengths of 550 paracord*it is black and orange usually, awsome for hunting* buckle has a wistle built into it* buckle wistle is very loud* built tough and sturdy* strong 550 cord is perfect for survival use* it looks amazing 1 side has black on the inside and orange in the middle, other side is opposite/vise versa*the buckle is orange and black* 2-3 dollars! other websites may charge up to 25 dollars for sucha bracelet!
    if u spend ay time outside in the wilderness, buy this its amazing. 550 cord has 7 inner strands for 50 lb test fishingline, thread, anything with a finer cord purpose, 100% amazing bracelet
    buy it, its amazing
  • bracelet that everyone should have

    posted by mgalicia

    very resistant paracord bracelet, from the simple but malleable tissue, can be adjusted to the average size of an adult wrist.
    paracord survival bracelet is the ideal camper or survivalist accessories The aim of this is to be able to have and carry a lot of rope in a small space without being a nuisance to be loaded in any container, bag or some medium hindered transport and availability for an emergency.
    bracelet that everyone should have
  • very good

    posted by madmax00x

    beautiful bracelet made very well ... it's also fashionable latelyand very useful as a bracelet ... it's not like those bracelets without meaning or utility ...with this if you need 3 feet of rope and the dissolution have 3 feet of rope at your disposal ....in the external link of the rope there are other 7 wires thinner excellent sewing or fishing ... can also be used as dental floss ...: Dalso has a whistle to get find useful if you get lost or to attract attention ...
    really recommend to all ... three feet of rope can always be useful to tie ... something ... sewing ... fishing ...
  • Nice bracelet

    posted by Hath1

    Very nice looking bracelet for people with a active lifestyle, The paracord just looks amazing and the buckle gives it a strong sturdy tough look.I ordered two of them, one Black and one Olive.- Good quality- Nice tough looks - Real paracord
    Like it a lot, fits my lifestyle
    Cheap price for the good quality and looks
  • Good quality easy to "install"

    posted by err0x

    Good material with good working screw (these sometimes are really bad made, but this one's fine). Wanted to have a good survival rope for my holidays and such, this one seems to fit my needs. Hopefully I will never need it, but until then it really looks nice.
    Will use when the apocalypse is there I guess..
    Buy if you need a 3 meter rope, anywhere, anytime :-)

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