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  • works well, good build

    posted by slzer

    Fits standard sized breadboards that are available everywhere. the ability to have a 3v3 and 5v rail is very very useful!I haven't tested the amount of current that can be drawn through this product however thus far i have had no problem. (tried with 2 servos, a small dc motor etc)nice that you an power it via usb or circular power connector
    If the power rails matched those on my breadboard it would be perfect
    Good little power supply but be careful of the lines and make sure they match with your breadboard in advance
  • MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module

    posted by oozihemp

    Great power supply! -Comes with 2 individual channels, that can be set to different voltages.-Comes with a ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator.-Works with a bunch of power input options, surch as USB, 6V AA battery pack, 9V battery, 8.4V Li-Ion Battery pack.-Pretty decent Regulated 3.3V and 5V line, with just 2% of voltage drop.-Nice current output, 630mA usint a Li-Ion battery pack-Easy jump system to set the voltage or to turn the channel off-Easy to work with
    Its a great and well built power supply for small projects that needs a regulated power supply, works well with arduino or just powering normal DIY electronic project.
    It is a must buy product!
  • Not very efficient, but versatile

    posted by amigaexpert

    * Wide output range* Mount holes* Relatively small
    Find the desired resistance, desolder the potentiometer, add fixed resistance. This will increase stability & reliability.Also take care when screwing these to any conducting surface/material.And remember to add an mechanical switch.
    If you need more current then the small USB "charger"s can supply, or if 5V isn't enough for your use, then this or any other of the LM2577 adapters will definitely do the trick.But they have limits if the lithium cell is depleted, higher output voltages and/or currents may be problematic.This one is better for 2-cell applications.
  • The best friend to your breadboard.

    posted by procchetta

    5v to 3.3v to power almost any project.Good design, one must consider jumper settings according to your needs.It is very practical to have all voltages directly from the module.Works with virtually any DC power supply.The POWER provided by the module is very consistent.
    This product is a must in any breadboard.Great for any student or amateur, it simplifies the job. (I wish I had this module when I was in school)
    Simple, inexpensive and functional.3.3v is great for many devices.
  • Really small!

    posted by Polonium

    This is a really small switching power supply!!Line side has a varistor, thus some kind of surge suppression is provided.Output voltage: 5.10V (no load)When no load is attached, a witched power supply draws about NOTHING current. Ideal green replacement for those old bulky transformers.
    Still didn't measure ripple at maximum load (will put results soon), but according the specs it is around 150mV (according the specs it is 150 mW, but that is probabely a bug...)
    Nice, cheap and small switching power supply.Not worth making one youself......


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