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  • Works well

    posted by mor.griv

    Good build quality.Works as expected on Windows 7 64 bit.USB 3.0 devices are recognized correctly.
    The chipset inside the card is from NEC. The accompanied CD-ROM installs the needed NEC drivers.
    It works. It's not expensive. A simple solution to get USB 3.0 support on older laptops.
  • Good product :)

    posted by TheRaphyduckyVS

    Very nice Watch *-*, very cheap price :D, it's been now two months since I have it and I've not noticed anything that did not work well :)
    On the whole, very good purchase. I recommand it for poor people want a very nice Watch cheap and people doesn't have one and want one inexpensive.
    I highly recommend this Watch because it is very beautiful and I very love it. :D
  • Good HDD enclosure

    posted by beowulfik

    The reason I bought this exact model was that it has built-in cable.Case itself is made of aluminum.It is usb 3.0 and speed is really good.It is compatible with usb 2.0 and not my desktop pc, nor laptop had problems reading it in 3.0 or 2.0 ports.Little screwdriver is included and is quite good to get the job done.
    Good and sturdy enclosure, maybe bit big for someone.
    Good product, would be better if I wouldn't have to cut cable to fit.
  • A great enclosure for your hard-drive

    posted by PascalG

    - The enclosure is very beautiful- The quality is very high- Solid aluminum component- Enclosure is easy to open (with 2 screws)- low temperature during use
    This is a lovely product if you want a friend for your macbook pro.
    I was looking for an HDD enclosure for my macbookpro, and this item was the main choice available on site. USB3 interface was mandatory for me.
  • Very small and fast usb hub

    posted by philippemarich

    This is a very small device. It comes in a lager box, but once you open the box. You will see that it is small. I would say 10-15 cm by 10-15 cm.I wanted to use it to attach to the televeision, so i did not have to plug in my hard disks to the television. But the disks require to much power.So my plan failed.Tested it with transfering data. very solid connection, and very fast.The design is also nice. The usb 3.0 hub letters turn blue.Adapter is included (usb adapter).
    No other thoughts
    Excellent.Very solid product for using

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