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  • Good product, beatifull dices

    posted by gamba123

    Cute dices! great for decoration! amazing colours, they look amazing all together, you can put them into a bowl in the living room for decorate, but you would have to buy a big amouth of them for that!
    they are like...dices, they have 6 sides, and numbers (starting by 1, then 2, 3 used to be then...until the number 6, represented by six black points)
    Great product,but they are smaller than they look on the pictures
  • Its very "OK"ish

    posted by Jimmyjam

    Fantastic gift idea.
    + I gave these to friends at work, they love them.
    + The light is way brighter than I expected!
    + The laser is a nice tight dot.
    The threads are not that good on the battery cover, but they work so not a problem. From time to time i see a red dot on my chest, so if you give these as gifts be ready for your friends to constantly anoy you with it!!!!
    I never have spent so little on a gift that seems to be so loved by the recever!!! even if you cant think of any one to give them to just buy them keep them in your desk, one day just the right person will walk in and you can make there day!!!!
  • Great little toys

    posted by msawlor

    They arrived as shown. The color, paint, size, shape etc are exactly as shown.
    I do wonder about BPA content and the paint so I limit play time with these toys... My son is pretty critical of toys with defects or ones that don't match the characters he knows well. He loves these toys though.
    Great little toys for my sons to play with. I'm sure they would rate them a 5 out of 5 to :)
  • OMG, a REAL Luigi!!!

    posted by E_Man

    Mario, blocks, Goomba's and wait for it, an ACTUAL Luigi! These things are great. A really nice size, not to big, and yet not to small. And ooohhhhh so many different ones. It's super easy to mix and match so you can create your own little cell phone Mario scene. I love the Bullet Bill or Buzzy Beetle all by themselves.
    I got to many of these things. Everyone loves the Goomba. No one likes the lonely '?' block. No cell phone charm for me. Just Mario jumping around my desk at work.
    Got these for me and friends around. Everyone enjoys them, but it's Mario, you'd have to be really cold hearted to not like the fat little plumber. Legit toys is always a plus too.
  • Really small

    posted by imboss

    I know the size is clearly stated but when they arrived they look so tiny i ordered 100 of them,and then had an idea i stuck them on the small keychain flashlights and people loved them.
    Kids love them,but not small children as they can be mistaken for sweets.
    Crafts people or hobbiest will love these and i am sure you can think of a good use for them.


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