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  • Super Mega Dual Color Glowsticks

    posted by jimbobNZ79

    They last about 10 hours a full strength. Great for the kids at night time.There is a 100 of them...
    I brought these glow stick many for the kids for when they go to bed as a special treat. It's my little way of getting them into bed quickly. My kids love bending the sticks to make the glow under the covers of there bed sheets.I need to buy more of them because they are about 10x cheaper than what you can buy in New Zealand.
    There are glow sticks for kids.
  • FUN

    posted by gostskull

    these are really small. and EXTRAMLY MAGNETIC. 2 pcs on each side of my finger holds them together. they are very high power, and can be used for battery charging. there is extra padding to avoid any distruction of other products. was sent with PC DUI part, and it works fine.
    could be a little cheaper, but then i donno the value of Rare magnets are...the cheap ones are alot cheper but not as powerful.
    if youve got a use for them there pritty nice
  • Mario figures

    posted by matu777

    Excelent quality product! great price! More than I expected for these three figuresThe figures are well painted, and it has great definition in its face.
    Excellent attention from the customer service when I submit my ticket regarding the package not receive after one mont waiting
    These product has the original seal from Nintendo, and seems to be distributed for Australia also.
  • Magnets

    posted by fotoset

    The size is very nice. So you can use them in plenty of projects.
    They are very strong for the size.
    If you need more atraction you can simply add some more.
    Maybe DX could sell packages containing different sizes and shapes, because buying them separated could be expensive. My next buy will be the spheres.
    I will still buy them if I need more. I bought a 100. And I will find several uses for them in the near future.
  • great deal

    posted by leonardogyn

    - they are indeed rare earth magnets, which make them a REALLY strong magnet for its size- build is good, the 100 piece came in 20 packs of 5 pieces, with a small paper piece separating them, so it's easy to grab 5 or 10 of them.- Believe, they are strong, it's not easy to get them apart when they are stick on each other :) If you stick them to a plain surface, like your refrigerator door, you'll probably have a hard time taking it out of there hehehe
    - My father just LOVED these magnets to put some of his fishing stuff (hooks basically) in order. Instead of hooks messing around his fishing box, now he have a big 'ball' of hooks with 2 of these in the center !
    They are strong, they can be very usefull if you have some great ideas on using them.I have also just ordered a pack of the 8mm x 1mm for sticking pictures on those metallic picture frames.

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