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sunglasses uv400 black

You can find fashionable sunglasses uv400 black at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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sunglasses uv400 black Customers Reviews

  • Funny glasses, like 8bit. Games

    posted by andrejgjurin

    Really fashionable glasses for fun time. Best for parties and gatherings. Fun for geeks and an essential accesory for an 8bit tie:). I am a geek and i really appriciate the rettro 8bit "super mario" style glasses.
    First i hesitated abot buying this product because i didnt know witch color to chose. I ended up buying these and im probbalby gonna order all the other colors. I really like the red ones to:)
    If you want to be the light of the party, surprise your friends with this great glasses
  • Really good product

    posted by MikeAFCA

    Fits perfectly onto the faceWorks well in bright sunlightPaintjob is outstandingLooks really cool
    Ordered severall sunglasses and where the white ones look really fake and fragile, this black one looks really awesome. Also, in bright sunlight people can't see your eyes which is cool.
    Cheap, steady and fashionable.Both for men and women it's a good buy since it doesn't cost that much and does the job well.There aren't many black sunglasses that look really good but this one does.
  • Favorite sunglasses

    posted by Savageveggie

    Great sunglasses. Comparable to Oakleys or other high end glasses. They do what sunglasses are supposed to do, shade your eyes, and they look good while doing it! Cheap so you don't have to worry about breaking them, if you do, just buy another pair.
    I had a nice expensive pair of oakley half-jackets that I was scared to wear some places(ie. water parks, the beach, and other places where they might get lost/stolen/broken) I sold the pair I had to my mother(Hers got stolen) and bought these the same day.
    Get a pair of sunglasses that cost the same as a pair from a truck stop, but function a lot better.Another thing: I work at a bicycle shop and was showing everyone these sunglasses, the C symbol on the frames is the exact same as the Cannondale logo. Would make a great prom item for Cannondale! haha
  • Very nice product

    posted by BRBass

    Tested for UV protection.Nice design and very light.Truly polarized lens.Fits almost perfect.
    Very good cost/benefit and it comes with a cloth to help it clean it.The image is not at all dark while wearing it, wich makes it confortable for the eyes to wear. Sometimes I even forget that I am using it.
    I recommend, unless you have big cheeks. At least mine were tested for uv protection wich is a good thing.
  • This sunglasses is nice

    posted by KnoxMallory

    This sunglasses is very good, the product has a good quality and the lenses are nice. It really has the UV protection and it is nice to wear, it doesn´t hurt the nose. It really protects from the sun light and it is mirrored turning it even more beautiful.I liked this product a lot and I wear it all the time.
    I recommend this purchase because the quality is good and the price even more!The shipment was ok and it arrived without problems, it lasted more or less 30 days to be delivered.
    Very good product and good quality. The price is much better.


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