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sunglasses uv protection blue Customers Reviews

  • Amazing

    posted by chris888

    Ships in a box so the glasses don't break.
    Comes with a cloth case and a lens cleaning cloth.
    Great build quality and a great price for polarized lenses.
    Very fashionable and easy to use at anytime.
    I needed these glasses for when I go canoeing, and from the looks of it, it seems as though they will do an excellent job.
    If you want great quality glasses, buy these or one of the other polarized sunglasses on DX.
  • Cool shades.

    posted by badr1976

    - Polarized, light on the nose.
    - Polarization effect gives you a clear sight without dimming the whole scene in front of you, the same effect of a regular sunglasses without the mandatory darkness.
    Useful for beaches, fishing, and day to day use.
    Handle with care and you got yourself a cool polarized pair of glasses.
  • Well build polarized sunglasses with metal frame

    posted by heparin

    Price is very nice for polarized glasses with metal frame.Quite well build sunglasses - frame is made of metal alloy, looks quite solid and well finished.Lenses are lightweight and really polarized (tested against LCD screen - at 45 degree rotating angle screen became dark blue, almost black).Looks stylish.Not any problems to remove stickers.
    It looks like manufacturer upgrade the product, because I did't find any of previously described problems like short ear parts, fragile frame or difficult to remove stickers.Glasses has a well known brandname on frame and lens and marked "made in Italy", but we all know there the most stuff are produced now... :)
    Very good cost-quality/usefullness ratio - good glasses for fair price.
  • Great sunglasses!

    posted by samucortes

    Great quality Fashion sunglasses, the price is a little high for them since they are other options here in DX, but if you want some stylish fashion polarized sunglasses you should get them!
    I loved the sunglasses, i use them a lot and they look really great! The lens are really cool! Just a little overpriced, but they are great anyway
    I recommend them, the lens color is really cool, its the same BLUE from the picture!
  • Great

    posted by Zspanky

    -Lightweight - won't feel them at all.-Very dark - for heavy sun.-Good fit, in contrast to other glasses, these fit very well, they don't fall off.-Durability is okay, the earthingies are solid and wont bend very quickly.-Color (mine is just as in the picture)
    These glasses might be too dark for screens like car navigation or phone navigation.These were my driving glasses, but as they are too dark, I'll have to switch them out for new ones.
    Great for every purpose but not for while driving if you need navigation (some screens).

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