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stylus pen Customers Reviews

  • great pen

    posted by ptorres82

    Laser works great, pen also works great. I cannot use the stylus because I have an android tablet and android phone and they use the soft point stylus. It is made of good material and is very sturdy.
    I have seen a pen like this in the stores and they run about $10+ and I got it here for only $3.60 with no tax and shipping. Can't beat it ! ! ! !
    grab it while they have it, or you will be spending twice the money in a store.
  • Very cool stuff to have

    posted by Simego

    A very nice pen to use on all capacitive phones, it works just great on my Xperia Neo, you can Write, Paint and do whatever you want!
    Its tiny, and you can put in the headphone plug or somewhere else if you have space.
    I love to paint with it in my phone.
    And the tip of it could be smaller (like a pen, not so fatty) but its good anyway.
    Its a MUST to have!
    Since you can use it freely, it can be well used on ipads that have a huge screen, to paint nice stuff like something to your girlfriend, or even use in normal cases, in your apps.
  • Not Really for iPad

    posted by trazomfreak

    -Large (Not like those tiny stylus that you use for other phones or game consoles.)-Bright color. (Sticks out when next to my pens at work.)-Double-tipped. (One side has the tip and the other the flat.)-Super cool blue color.-Thick. (Not thin like a regular pen.)
    I like the blue color because I can find it amongst my other pens/pencils on my desk. Also, if you through it into your bag/purse, the color/thickness also helps to locate it faster.
    This thing works well as a regular stylus but it doesn't seem to be very responsive for your ipad. But then again, your ipad probably functions much better with your fingers anyway.
  • Cheap stylus pen

    posted by sigveberland

    + price+ easy to use+ looks good+ has a hole in the end for a string or a loop
    This is a fine stylus pen to use on your tablet/phone, it works very well on my HTC Desire HD, and makes texting and other work easier, also games gets easier to get right.
    If you don't have one of these you should get it, a bargain for a decent stylus, especially for mobile games like wordfeud and drawing games. And for writing with, if you are making notes on your device.
  • Useful item

    posted by eoth170189

    Lasser pointer its very sharp at considerable distance, very luminous. Led light very brilliant for it small size. Capacitive stylus works fine, without any problem. you feel it very soft at hand touch, and stylus slide quickly and precise
    Its a little bit thin, and your hand will hurt if you use it for long continuous time (especially if you have a big hand)
    Excellent purchase, lightweight, pleasant to the touch, useful led light and laser, you will love it for presentations

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