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stylus pen black ballpoint

The stylus pen black ballpoint your looking for is one of our top sellers. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

stylus pen black ballpoint Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by leiellalo

    two color pen(!) and touch stylus. good touch responsive. very lite weight. the price is an excellent one.Drawing is more precise then with my finger.The 2 color pens inside were a bit of a positive surprise to me: I thought the exterior of the pen would be black or red.
    worth the money, I would recommend this pen to all the people out there with a touch screen device.
    Get it, it's A great buy!
  • Best buy for my tablet and smartphone!

    posted by olasverre

    Very accurate and it makes good "contact" with the screen with a light touch, not like most other styluses ive tried. this is actually useable even for handwriting and some drawing!
    Its a nice and pretty accurate stylus thats durable, and it got a old fashioned pen aswell in case you need to write on paper, a MUST in your home-office, or your android phone on the bus :)
    Dont think a stylus will get any better without expensive integrated hardware :)
  • nice

    posted by ILAN5555

    Write very good.It's incredible that it has a smooth writing although sometimes it leaves a small stain at the beginning, but nothing special.Nice size, very comfortable.Works with my nexus 7
    For 3 USD, it's an excellent pen.You can use any cross or other small refill and you'll have a super pen!Very good for students or teachers (I'm a teacher).
    If you are looking for a black and red pen, small, but not too much that you can carry without problems that is cheap, look no further.You will enjoy this pen very much.
  • double use

    posted by jimenac

    It's really usefull that is a two-in-one pen, so I have everything I need in just one item.It's comfortable to write on both sides (the stylus side has a rubber tip that works on capacitive screens ; and the pen has black ink). Also as it seems to a common pen, you'll be easily get used to write with this pen on your digital screen. Its weight is light, so your wrist won't feel it.Becomes more precise contact with the screen, than using fingers.
    Is a goal for people that have big fingers and also for us that draw.
    I used it on iPhone 4 & iPad 3.
  • Very nice Capacitive Screen Stylus

    posted by VictorNic

    1. Works well as a Capacitive Screen Stylus - working on a capacitive screen cell phone or tablet, gently and smoothly, just a pleasure to use.2. Great design - sleek design, the color is beautiful and nothing more.3. Optimal size - size large enough to be comfortable working and small enough not to clutter. Can be worn directly to a mobile phone cover.4. Little weight.5. Combined with a pen - It is really convenient and useful combination of features, but only in case of high quality all combine function.
    The Chinese people have a lot of work, and therefore certainly deserves respect. However, there are officials who authorize the production of goods, and organize the production of goods and control the quality of goods produced. These officials should be ashamed of the poor quality or defects of goods produced. They knowingly eat their rice and disgrace China.These considerations are simple and are the same for every country, every nation and all the officials.
    The stylus is good.


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