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stylus ink Customers Reviews

  • Best!!

    posted by Sarith11

    Easy to use.Pretty coloured lights beautifully changing smoothlyStrong Laser Beam.Goes Far.Handy.So many things to do.Great Design.Easy to keep in pocket.Great Pen.Perfect Stylus.Amazing cheap price.
    With this you can do almost everything!Wonderful.The lights are LED lights and they flash in many different colours. They blend into each colour to change. GREAT for discos and parties. Small and VERY EFFICIENT!!
    Amazing, Great quality, cheap priced item.
  • Good Pen

    posted by VMOF1978

    cool stylus for capacitive screens are very pleased to see that it is also a very high quality black pen that writes very gently, to the same metal stylus that gives it strength.
    Makes a nice present, I think I have to order some more for Christmas present.
    Good item
  • feels like a pen

    posted by hmpff

    its works great on al my idevices it write well no more finger prints on all my devices an when i need to write something down just flip the pen backwards and write the finished can be more done i bought more then 3 pens for my family and there all telling me how great it works and never seen here with pen
    buy one it looks great works great on devices 3 different colors can be ordered those one of the color of your device
  • Great Stylus, works with iPad

    posted by tarasbaca

    Product description does not include iPads, but it works great on iPad as well. I use it on iPad2 with Notability writing app. Never head a problem. It writes even very thin lines. The black touch part is soft, didn't deteriorate after 5 months of use. White pen looks great if you have a white iPad.
    White pen looks great if you have a white iPad. It is the same white. Perfect match accessory.
    Excellent pen, good value. I though it would fall apart in couple of weeks since it's from China, but it didn't. I have previously read several stylus pen reviews comparing products in $20-$50 price range, but I absolutely don't see a point of buying more expensive stylus. I ordered another one of this today. Actually that's how I got to this write review page, I never write reviews :-)
  • great product

    posted by obzelite

    very smooth action, i've read about stylus's needing to be held at weird angles and grippng the screen, this thing is smooth, it glides far easier than even your finger. and leaves no grubby fingerprints.pen is pretty good as well, ive actually paid more for pens that are crap compared to this one, so pen and stylus is a win/win
    naked ladies, oh you wanted other thoughts about the stylus. well i have none. i like it.
    another deal extreme bargain. beats these 20 buck designer stylus's by a mile.

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