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  • Nice one, to complete an outfit.

    posted by momonkey

    Made of soft and thin material. Quality is somewhere between avarage and good. You can wear it with other deep purple or black clothes. Great for a party. Wear it in mutiple ways; Balaclava, Neckerchief, Scarf, Headband, Mask, etc.
    Great tot complete an outfit, you will probably wear it once or twice tot a party or to school. After that, the fun is over and you will look forward to a new fashion gadget. Probably you order this scarf in different patterns, as sold on DealExtreme.
  • get love

    posted by umitt

    With the price of a product that gathers the attention at first, but a really wide range of uses and forms a hairpin, a cap, neck strap, ski mask, bandana maybe I forgot to use it in one word amazing ways!
    There is definitely more beautiful in photos and product features a color tone, albeit untold enough, the same product can be used in many different ways a good product I ordered 4 pieces for my friends and as a team we visited a product to be taken to extreme sports because they use the 4 seasons
    very nice and very cheap
  • Avoid if cycling fan

    posted by ovitters

    - you do not look like a criminal- can easily use as a scarf- also easy to change it into a scarf when entering a store or a building (to avoid looking a robber entered the store/building)- very warm when used as a scarf- material feels nice, is soft and warm
    I almost always cycle, so this item is not useful for me. I still very much like it.
    - should've figured out beforehand that for cycling the wind would get between the material- if you use this for walking, recommend it- for cycling or anything similar, don't buy
  • Good deal

    posted by denedrion

    Actually i didnt expect an item like this as good as original ones. 6 month ago, i bought original scarf from a local website, its approx. 20$ and it was cool. Then i saw this scarf in DX, price is really low and i just wondered then ordered just one. It came, honestly there is no significant difference between this and original one. I really surprised. That is great for this price. I ordered 4 of them again :)-You can wash-Your skin can breath in this scarf-You can use with many positions-Good cloth, elastic.
    Don't waste more money to other pricey ones, this is really can satisfy.
    Thanks DX.Dont think anymore, should i buy or not etc. just buy 1 then you will order much more than 1 :)
  • Looks thoug, so, GOES PIRATE!

    posted by PROCALIBER

    Reasonable print, has at least 30
    skulls with bones in three sizes.
    It's less black than it looks. The stretchable tissue seems sturdy,
    made of 1OO% synthetic fiber.
    Unisex use. Lets wheaer in various
    other formats, like Balaclava, Arabic,
    Indian, Beach Side, Urban Bandit, by
    around the neck, as a fascia, Forefront
    Band, Top Head, Big Hair Holder, etc..
    It has a reverse side on scarf,
    no printing, blank way kindda.

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