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If you want to purchase stylish pu leather, this is your best place to buy it. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Find more popular products from pu leather watch, leather pu 7. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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stylish pu leather Customers Reviews

  • I like this item

    posted by bigdougie

    It's a big face watch, they are quite popular just now, it's sturdy and it lools sturdy, easy to read, aligator effect strap is dressy, so far it keeps good time. You won't get mixed up with the face being easy to read.
    looked good on a night out with my Tux and plain cufflinks
    I really like this, may buy another one for my Brother.
  • Oops

    posted by Shortstory2020

    So I made a mistake when I gave this product a nasty review. The length of rope is left long so the rope can wrap around the wrist once before you connect the buckle. Its actually kind of a cool design for someone who wants a different kind of band.
    Great Price...keeps decent time. Appears to be real leather and doesn't feel like it will fray. Note to DX: Maybe put something in the title for the watch that says "wrap around" band or something...might be less confusing when it arrives.
    Neat watch...interesting band concept. Sorry for the confusion DX!
  • Great for work and for play

    posted by KyleFraser

    I burn through watches pretty quickly, as I like to have fun on weekends, however, I also need to look professional at work on a daily basis. This watch is the perfect match for both aspects in my life; work and play. For work, it looks stylish, and at the bars, it looks unique and is a great conversation starter!
    My buddies asked me where I got the watch and were blown away when I told them it was only $10! It looks like it would cost far more than that.
    I'm very pleased with the purchase. Great looking watch at a low price. I feel like I received a ton of value for my money, can't ask for anything more!
  • Best Protective & Usefull Case Ever

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Protects very well from dust. Jack and micro-usb have covers. The speaker is redirected using empty channels down and in lateral (dust can not enter in the speaker like other cases)Very good shock absorber. The phone is protected from all the sides. The leather is soft and good quality. The transparent plastic used for the transparent window in the front has very large view angle (maximum 160-170 degrees), if you seen the screen you see the clock for sure.The lateral button are all protected from dust, and they can be pressed but a bit harder. I usually do not press the power button because the screen turns off (after timeout) when the cover is closed because the phone detects that.The home button can be pressed with the cover on very easy.The phone can be used to answer/reject a call without opening the cover case. Home button to answer, power button to close, volume up/down to control talk speaker.
    The best feature of the phone is that through the transparent windows the phone can detect if your finger is sliding from left to right or from right to left. All the alerts can be snooze or cancel in that mode. Answer and cancel a call can be done using same method, finger over the transparent window case. That is the best on this phone and can be done using this cover because use proximity sensor not screen touch.The slide button from the left side of the cover can be used like next:1. In the upper position the phone detects if the cover is on the screen or not using proximity sensor in that area.2. In the lower position the phone do not detects if the screen is covered by the cover and you can see your screen (your widgets through the transparent window). If you slide the button down, you answer the call.The front (all) sensors and the call speaker is not cover, the front camera is covered by the case. The back camera is well protected because it is placed deep in the case.
    The best cover from my point of view. (for this phone that I can found now)I will buy another one, specially if the screen became more larger in height (2-4 millimeters)I use the case for more than 3 months and the sound is much better now because is directed on lateral and down not in the back and can be heard much much better now.I talk to phone with the case closed all the time and the synthetic leather is very fine when touch and hold very good on hand (never slip from hand). It is very good that the both microphones (up and bottom) are not cover by the case and the noise cancellation works great.This is a good design with only one minor bug (see above).
  • Stylish PU Leather Wristband + Metal Dial Quartz W

    posted by donyo

    Very attractive design. Looks like an expensive designer watch. The watch is very comfortable. Suits all of my clothes - a perfect accessory. The price is amazingly low. If you buy at least 3 watches you save a lot and can give away the other 2 as a gift.
    Would be better if the watch was in a cardboard packaging. The package was very nicely done ,no way the watch can get damaged. The watch shipped in aproximately 18 days which is quite fast.
    Cheap watch with nice build quality. Very modern and a great gift for your friends and family.

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