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You can buy cheap stylish pu leather kindle from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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stylish pu leather kindle Customers Reviews

  • Nice little Kindle case

    posted by oliviabiba

    -variety of color available-not leather (for those who don't ever wear/buy leather)-protects the Kindle perfectly
    I've put "not leather" both in the pros and cons list because it really depends on your consumer habits. I personally buy leather, but of course for this price I couldn't ask for it. ;) I don't usually buy PU so I'm not sure if this one is specifically low quality or normal, but the fact is that after using this for some 4 to 5 months I already see if coming off in a few spots. So it doesn't look that good anymore and I'll probably buy a new one in a month or so, once the looks start really bothering me (right now it isn't so bad, but I believe that once these spots start to grow or multiply it will look ugly).
    Not very good quality, but something to protect your Kindle anyway.
  • Not Bad

    posted by benthebomb

    Real leatherIncredibly cheap with free shippingMagnetic latch
    Seems to be not of the highest quality. Some edges were immediately peeling away from each other where they were glued but it's sewn together so this hasn't been a problem. Overall not bad considering the price
    Value for money is the bottom line here. If you want something that'll withstand anything and look classier and more robustly constructed then maybe look some place else but for general usage, this works great and the price is excellent. You can't really complain about a thing.
  • Great product - Great price

    posted by gertr

    An excellent product - The build quility is very high, and it fits my kindle perfectly. Very easy to put the Kindle in and the fit is tight, so there is very little chance of your Kindle slipping out. The price is about 15% of similar products locally. It closes nicely with the magnets. It is also comfortable to hold.
    This is a high quality product. It also shipped quite fast (2 weeks to get to customs in South Africa).
    A super low price for a high quality product. If
  • very stylish

    posted by rokster

    very fine leatherlook and very sturdy. Nice storage It contains a lot of space for creditcards and so on. Also the clip works suprisingly good.
    It was strange because I found on the internet that the size of a kindle was just 1 mm smaller. I would certainly recommend this product to other buyers. I use it with a small led- reading ledlight. Works very wel.
    very good product but just doesnt fit for a sony reader but considering the price it is a very good product.
  • Good protective case for Kindle BUT...

    posted by twibi

    These are the pros:- very stylish carrying case (purple color just for girls)- it offers great protection for the Kindle, but it adds to the thickness of the product- it doesn't smell bad- it has pretty good quality leaher
    It is good product, protects well, good quality, but it is little bit smaller and it is noticeable that the Kindle itself is longer.
    You should check other protective cases before buying this one.

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