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  • Nice little headphones

    posted by Rabble

    Both speakers can be slipped off the headpiece which allows you to use them in other ways, and makes them easy to pack in a suitcase without fear of damage. The cable disconnects completely, so replacement and repair are quite straightforward.
    Cheap and cheerful; very good working outside in conditions that might pose unacceptable risk to more expensive headphones.
    Definitely a product to consider for situations where you want a reasonable sound with minimal investment.
  • Beautiful but low quality sound

    posted by sirWest

    Beautiful looking, nice 2-color wire, comfortable earpads
    Could have better speakers inside for even a decent sound
    If you're not an audiophile then they are good enough for you. They look nice and not cheap like a lot of other headphones around. The orange color is bright and the earpads have airing holes which don't make your head/ears sweat like normal leather.
  • Fantastic Echolink Headset!

    posted by joeserocki

    For all you hams, this is an excellent Echolink headset! The mike is sensitive but directional enough to not pick up a ton of background noise, the headset is comfortable to keep on, and the audio quality from the speakers is great.
    Other than what?
    Great phones for a great price. Now to build the ICOM interface
  • Great battery autonomy

    posted by aspadim

    It has a great battery autonomy. It's not 20 Hour but 26h talking time (my first measurement), and maybe more than 350h standby (Maybe, as time passes and lipo battery gets older, the battery time should reduce).Incredible distance ratio! In my office, it works almost 20m with 3 walls barriers between my pc and the headset.
    The plastic finish is not so good. Some edges and scratches are present.It's only LEFT EAR available, and you cannot flip the microfone to change the ear side, so... if you need to use the normal phone you must have in mind that you'll use it with right hand and ear. (LOL)
    Amazing battery time! Great Price! Not so good finish and only left ear side available.

    posted by Zabiu

    -easy to move around/extend-just plug in and play-no need for a sound card if you have a usb headset-cool-easy button controls-flexible mic for durability
    good for the price and qualityi originally bought it for my wii to play black ops but it wouldnt work because i need the official wii blackops headset.better than buying a headset for $30+ at a store.
    A good headset for its price and quality.

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