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You can buy cheap stylish case galaxy from us. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find more popular products from galaxy tab case, galaxy siii case. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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stylish case galaxy Customers Reviews

  • Doesnt resemble Picture

    posted by Zoey95

    -Great price, you would be getting this for over ten dollars cheaper. Because in stores it is usually 10+ - Easier to put on and take off -was not harmed during the shipping progress -protects fairly well -does not produce any scratches when taking on and off -cover non of the buttons,holes ect
    Other:-its a good price for a case where as in stores it will retail for about 4 times the price DX gives you
    Bottomline:- buy it, cheap, nice colour(not in that shade of blue though)
  • Excellent product for this price.

    posted by Muhveli

    +nice quality+good fit+not too big, doesn't make phone like a brick as some other casings do+protects phone well enough, I have dropped my phone countless times without a scratch
    Nice finish on product, doesn't do that much damage on phones looks.Just bought my second casing as old one was falling apart, used it over 2 years.
    If you want good casing for your phone in daily life, not for extreme sports, this is excellent product for very low price.
  • Fashioned Sturdiness

    posted by PrinceXEvil

    Looks really nice,It fits perfectlyThe colour is what you get, which is quite pretty.
    The quality could have been a tad bit better. However, for the price and if you feel you need metal to protect your phone.This could be the one for you. They got other colours too.
    Price quality comparison, I think it is a good purchase.If you require that perfect case, this is not for you.If you need protection and style and hard not too fussed about perfection, then this product is for you.
  • good fit and grip

    posted by Steef32

    It fits my S2 perfect but it's also easy to get it off again (for ex when putting it in my car holder)The material lasts good (using it daily for two months now)Offcourse it thickens the Phone a bit otherwise it can not be protective when falling, but compared to the one i had on my last Phone it's a pretty thin cover. The top edges are shiny and the backside is matte witch i like better then the ones with figures on it. It's not getting sloppy even after removing and replacing it several times. It also offers a good grip on your Phone because it makes it slightly thicker The material offers good grip, but the phones does slide in my pocket (also the tight ones) easy. All the holes compare perfect and the charger or headphone plugs in easy.
    none, rather then making the volumebutton part a little thinner or leave it out.
    Great cover for a great price
  • Best looking case ever

    posted by onaqui2

    Extremely good looking on my white Samsung Galaxy i9100 S2.
    Fits perfectly.
    Easy to apply/remove.
    Doesn't (as some other cheap back cases do) alter the sound of the microphone or anything.
    The edge on the front is transculent so you can see the metalish paint on the edge of the phone.
    It's like a mix between a hard case and a soft case, it's a bit bendy and the sides are very grip-friendly while the back is "frosted" and makes it easy to slide it into your pocket.
    The screen guard is also very good, i've had mine on for over a month now and it hasn't shown any sign of starting to come off even at a corner. It's not like those copter-films where it makes your screen feel different, you can't really notice it's there. Your finger glides very easily on the screen guard.
    One of the best looking cases for your (white especially) i9100.

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