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stylish bracelet watch Customers Reviews

  • Affordable yet elegant watch

    posted by Chr0n0

    This watch looks simple yet elegant, easy to use.
    My girlfriend said that this would look great to wear at evening parties.
    The leather-brown colored one would look much more exquisite, unfortunately it is out of stock, I plan to get one as soon as it is in stock again.
    Shipping can sometimes take long, but that is not DX's fault.
    If you're shipping to south east asian countries (Indonesia for me), registered mail can actually take longer than EMS
    (My order came almost one month after invoice date, with EMS it came only within two weeks)
    For the price, its worth it, major plus for the free shipping.
    Girls can never get enough of accessories for them to wear, if you like accessories or your girlfriend does, get this =)
  • Beautiful Watch

    posted by hjalkh

    Beautiful Watchand good quality, it looks good but has a slightly bad finishing. The metal material looks good but wouldn’t expect a lot from it. It looks more expensive than it really is. .Easy to operate and to set the time. Battery easy to find the on street vendors.
    I do recommend buying this fancy great product at a low price. It is a great gift for girls, and surly young teenagers.
    Beautiful Watch and good quality, it looks good but has a slightly bad finishing. It you don’t have a thin wrist it won’t fit. It is a great gift for girls, and surly young teenagers.
  • Very Impressive, Great Value

    posted by enizmitic

    Excellent industrial design, for the price the level of quality and design is really amazing. I know it is a copy of a real designer product but it is still really good. the LED's on the display are quite bright and can be read during daylight and look fantastic at night with little 'bleeding'
    Overall, this is a beautiful, exceptional design at a fantastic price. It's even worthwhile buying a few incase one was to break or fail.
  • A very special watch.

    posted by ddsn82

    The quality seems much more beautiful than it costs. The blue LEDs are very beautiful and elegant, especially at night and watch the color black blue LEDs are really beautiful.
    a year ago to see a clock so special was really difficult. Now it is very present in the world but is always a beautiful design object. I recommend it to those who want to show off a different kind of watch for a special evening.
  • Really nice watch

    posted by antidamage

    First things first: this watch is huge. That's definitely a plus in my book as in the past I've had to buy two watches from DX and have links moved from one and added to the other to be able to wear it. This watch fits perfectly. It's not just long, it's wide as well, which looks pretty kickass. Manual mentiones TokyoFlash and I'd be tempted to simply say that it's a TokyoFlash-designed watch. The build quality is EXCELLENT. This watch should last me a long time.
    Just a very nice watch. Well suited to people with big wrists and hands.
    Buy it. It's the first really nice watch that I've seen on here. Quality.

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