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stylish aluminum alloy stylus

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stylish aluminum alloy stylus Customers Reviews

  • Love it

    posted by resmitatil

    Good price and good quality products. This pen works good. Also i love color. It is also cute :)
    I was concern about products size. But it is ok. I will upload a photo of product with ipad2. So you can imagine how it look like with ipad. My old stylus was very expensive. This one and old stylus works totally same. Dont waste your money for expensive products.
    I love it. It is working well and seems cute :) I will buy it again. Also my friends love it.
  • Just works as expected

    posted by mwesten

    Works great on an iPad.Handy to use in the winter while wearing gloves.The rounded tip works very well.
    For people with big hands the stylus could be a bit smallish.
    Overall a great stylus for a capacitive screen.While it can be too big when drawing on an iPhone/iPod-Touch, works great on an iPad, it's great for touch in general.Cannot really comment on build quality. I'm using it for a while now and it seems to hold quite well.
  • Nice pen, works perfect.

    posted by gogogoalex2

    Nice shape, nice quality, perfect size, very light, works perfect on the mobile phone screen. so everything perfect right now.
    Works perfect in touch screen mobile phones, so nothing to complain about it, if u dont want to put your fingertips on your mobile phone or u just want to draw a picture or something that its better to do with a pen that with fingers, buy it.
    Buy it, and have it in your case. Sooner or later u will give good use to it.
  • Works great

    posted by GiovasNF

    Works well in my Samsung Galaxy SIII and on my iPod Touch and my friend´s iPhones. Great for drawings and taking notes in Sketchbook, drawing in Draw Something or retouching photos on Photoshop.
    It´s just a plastic pen with a rubber point, but it´s nice to hold and does it´s job.
    Buy it, for the price, you won´t regret! I´m using a lot, and will buy more for my friends.
  • Good and solid stylus

    posted by GadgetFrantic

    A solid stylus made of aluminium alloy.Comes in different colors.I use it when I need to access my phone and my hands are dirty or wet - at work and at home.Doesn't scratch the phone's screen as the tip is made of a kind of rubber.Best cheap price.I used it on my SGS2 & SGS3. Works perfectly and accurately, also for drawing.I recommended this stylus to a friend who uses Galaxy Note 2 and he said its a goos replacement if you lost your proprietary stylus, although it doesn't fit in the phone itself.
    Buy it - it's a good stylus.

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