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  • Great Wire Stripper, Great Price!

    posted by Andrew181

    This wire stripper grips the wire and then makes the strip at any length you want. It is great for adding a split connection to a wire with out cutting it. It even has a guide for stripping wires, as in if you needed to strip mulitple wires at the same length. After you strip a wire this wire stipper literaly springs back to be ready to strip another peice of wire.
    Great price havent seen these under $25-30 in any store. So I got these last week and are great for wire stripping anything really. I use these on delicate wires that can't be pulled on too much.
    Bottomline is great price great product but I do wish that the handles had more of a rubber feel to them so it would be easier on the hands.
  • Excellent wire stripper

    posted by swarthx

    Exactly equal to the pictureVery sturdy and great strip quality. I Have used a similar item from a different brand and they both seems to work the same. But the other one was twice the price.
    I has some crimping functions as well, but I havent used it yet.The absolute price seems to be a little high, but it is worth it. I have bought a wire stripper once for 1/4 the price, it was worthless.
    Great product to be near you bench if you need to strip wires. Also seems appropriate if you want to do some electrical maintenance
  • Doesn't have AWG

    posted by HDC44

    Wire stripper strips easily. Doesn't require strenth to strip.Seems sturdy and durable.
    Somewhat regret buying this as i wanted AWG sizes, but this still works i guess.
    If you need a wire stripper and cant get it locally, buy this.
  • Awesome. Period.

    posted by pjwerneck

    - It simply works, much better than any other wire stripper I've seen.- Strips wire perfectly, every time.- Very well built, it looks like it'll last a lifetime.- Cheap!- The mechanics of it is very cool, it really holds the wire in two points, cut in the middle and pull. Everytime I use it, I'm amazed by how well designed it is.
    I've spent a lot of money on wire stripping tools, including here on DX, and never found anything I really liked until this guy. I actually got all three models because I liked it so much.
    If you need a good wire stripping tool that will do the job perfectly every time, won't break in your hands while using, and will last for a long time, get this one. Even better, get all three. You won't regret.


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