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stripping tool Customers Reviews

  • Works well on a wide range of wire sizes

    posted by 3Dgalax

    Strips a huge range of wire sizes, even takes the insulation off multi-strand wire (e.g. VGA cables) - I score the plastic gently with wire cutters to get a neat tear, but the wire stripper does a great job of cleanly removing the outer plastic.What really amazes me is how well it strips the tiny little 20-somthing SWG wires inside the cable. Looking at the metal jaws I thought I would need to protect this kind of wire during stripping, but it is barely dented by the wire strippers.
    I feel that this product is definitely worth what I paid for it. I have been tempted to buy one of these for over 20 years, and today I had to strip 13 strand wire 6 times. That would be a painful job without a wire stripper, but was a quick and easy job thanks to this tool.
    The best wire stripper I have used, effortless quick operation.
  • Great Wire Stripper, Great Price!

    posted by Andrew181

    This wire stripper grips the wire and then makes the strip at any length you want. It is great for adding a split connection to a wire with out cutting it. It even has a guide for stripping wires, as in if you needed to strip mulitple wires at the same length. After you strip a wire this wire stipper literaly springs back to be ready to strip another peice of wire.
    Great price havent seen these under $25-30 in any store. So I got these last week and are great for wire stripping anything really. I use these on delicate wires that can't be pulled on too much.
    Bottomline is great price great product but I do wish that the handles had more of a rubber feel to them so it would be easier on the hands.
  • Heavy duty

    posted by Badger

    This is a big and heavy wire stripper. It is made entirely out of metal (with exception to the handle covers) and has a very weighty feel to it, like it's meant to do far more than strip wires. I'm impressed with the build quality. The corners are rounded, the metal painted, and the overall feel is that it isn't some cheap knockoff, but a good quality tool. This will be a solid replacement for my former wire-strippers.
    Note that you need to squeeze the stripper completely when stripping so that it'll go through an entire "cycle" of grabbing the wire, stripping, and then releasing the wire. Otherwise the wire will still be held by the contraption, possibly bending it.
    The stripper comes with a screw-on metal rail thing which you can see in the photos. This thing is for positioning in behind the stripping section of the tool so that you can consistently set how much you want to strip off the end. It took me a little while to figure this out, but it comes in handy.
    I'm very happy with this tool, especially considering what I was planning to pay for a stripper like this.
  • solid quality tool

    posted by benny182

    -Really nice build quality, it feels really solid.-fast, wich is important if you have to strip a lot of wires.-very clever design and really easy to use.-it's great to be able to own such a quality tool for this kind of money. Good tools are essential.-Good solid grips molded onto the metal itself
    I really like this tool, the engineering that went into designing the action is really good. I think this is a tool that will last for a very very long time.

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