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stress toy Customers Reviews

  • Funny Toy!!

    posted by jwing

    hahahahahahahaha... What a great toy!! That is very well built, indeed. And its eyes??? They are way better than I expected. They are always looking up, just like a compass.... I wonder how that works.
    Very funny. This is a toy for all ages. It is nearly impossible not to like it...
    Buy it, now!!! There a lot of models here at DX. Choose and buy it. You will not regret.
  • Funny, annoying..but funny!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Funny- Useless (which makes it a fun thing to have)- Leaves no crap in your garden- Doesn't bark- Plug and play- Low-tech hardware, makes it easy to tweak or mod
    It's easy to take the legs off, and tighten the screws a little, so the legs will no longer rattle as much as they did. You can also apply a small drop of lubricant to the moving parts, to make the dog hump a bit easier, and with less noise involved.
    When will they produce a cat?
  • funy!

    posted by darkwolf221

    I bought for a friend, and she thought it was pretty funny. doesnt really know what to do with them, but thats alright. They were green and squishy, i think dealextreme has lots of different colors
    they can should in different sizes? funny to send to random people in the mail
    Its a pretty funny gift to give someone as a joke. definitely unexpected for most people to receive in the mail
  • Cute.... and well made

    posted by ninkasi

    The toy seems well made, and is pretty much just like the photos. The eyes are weighted inside the eyeballs, and move around so they always face up.
    It does take a fair amount of pressure and/or a good grip on the toy to make those eyes pop out. Is it a wolf? Well, most people would probably think it looks more like a grey cat, but I don't think that should be an issue. It's also a little bigger than I thought it would be.
    I got this for my son who needs to strengthen his grip with his writing hand. This should help him to do that, whilst at the same time being fun for him to use.
  • Cartoon Pumpkin Style Eyes is cool

    posted by fumaca

    Cartoon Pumpkin Style Eyes Pop Out Stress Reliever Relief Squeeze Toy - Green is a cool...... Português: é um brinquedinho legal para presentar amigos ou usar no escritorio como antisstress
    Cartoon Pumpkin Style Eyes Pop Out Stress Reliever Relief Squeeze Toy - Green is not othrt thoughts
    Cartoon Pumpkin Style Eyes Pop Out Stress Reliever Relief Squeeze Toy - Green, monster, toy, kids, etc.


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