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stress relieving Customers Reviews

  • Adorable and Useful

    posted by LittleBird

    This is a fun rubber toy that will keep your hands occupied when you need to think. It is also good therapy for people who need to regain the strength of their fingers after surgery.
    It has that adorable Mameshiba puppy bean in it! The beans I recieved came in green which is also what I was hoping for. My mother who recently had brain surgery finds the toy useful for regaining her dexterity.
    It is basically what I expect for the price and it is adorable and useful.
  • Very Fun!

    posted by bword

    You hit things with your poop hammer and he giggles like a maniac.You could buy a whole bunch of them and have poop hammer wars with your friends, family and colleagues. He is soft enough to bash someone over the head with to no ill effect - though obviously do not do this if you think you'll get into trouble or upset somebody!
    I think I might customise mine with a more fancy bandana or a bow.
    A fun and silly toy!
  • Nice toy

    posted by Mitchkado

    It's a nice toy, doesn't do much but humping...
    Build quality is good, you can stop it with your finger while it works and it won't break.
    Good for laptops where you have a good location for your usb port.
    A little expensive, but nice for the laptop.
    It would be a nice idea if it'll come in different colors and brands.
    Nice gadget, not cheap.
    would be nicer if it had flash memory in it.
    Attracts everyone attention...
    I would buy it again.
  • I..just...can't...stop...pushing..it!

    posted by Channah

    It's pretty loud, but not in an annoying way.The plastic is very sturdy!The buttons are very soft, but still look and feel sturdy.It comes with a phone strap and a keychain. I use it as a keychain and even after a month of regular use, the chain hasn't broken.
    The Japanese girl says three different things, so it's not the same thing over and over. She doesn't say meow! I don't know Japanese, but it must be something cute.
    It's sturdy, it's cute, it's absolutely stress-relieving and it has a great price. What's not to love? I absolutely recommend this item.
  • Funny, annoying..but funny!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Funny- Useless (which makes it a fun thing to have)- Leaves no crap in your garden- Doesn't bark- Plug and play- Low-tech hardware, makes it easy to tweak or mod
    It's easy to take the legs off, and tighten the screws a little, so the legs will no longer rattle as much as they did. You can also apply a small drop of lubricant to the moving parts, to make the dog hump a bit easier, and with less noise involved.
    When will they produce a cat?


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