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  • doggy style

    posted by ti3n_t

    It's a dog that humps your laptop, what more could you ask for?Really funny and cool looking, looks pretty sturdy when i got it. The motion is smooth and fluid, almost like seeing a real dog is humping your laptop, I once called it a bad doggy.
    Great as a humourous gift otherwise not really great for yourself.
    Get this for the lols if you wanna, but really you probs will regret it, although it is a decent price.
  • Noisy gift prank

    posted by mogcaiz

    - Humps for you happily everyday.- Great gift/prank.
    Depending on how lucky you are with the shipping, the item might be broken as there are barely any protection on the item.
    It's a fun item which serves no other purpose other than humping your USB port. The fun wears off fast and the noise level is a bit loud. Therefore it's a great small joke gift to pass around to friends and amongst office.
  • Adorable!!!

    posted by tygurl121

    2 for $3.15??
    i think thats a reallllly good deal!
    Its fun to play with when you're board.
    it looks like real beans! (if u get the green one that is)
    Inside the pod, there are three beans.
    However, only the one in the middle has a face, the others are blank.
    It makes a really good gift (if you get the green one, that is)
  • So Cute

    posted by comunicarla

    A lovely product - a very nice gift that requires no specific age. Just a taste for cats and kittens. The meows are fun and even funnier is the surprise of those who push the meow buttons when instead of a meow a girly voice says something in Japanese.
    There are many different colors and patterns. I have many of them - they are all lovely.
    If you really like cats, buy many every now and then and try to collect them all!
  • Funny, annoying..but funny!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Funny- Useless (which makes it a fun thing to have)- Leaves no crap in your garden- Doesn't bark- Plug and play- Low-tech hardware, makes it easy to tweak or mod
    It's easy to take the legs off, and tighten the screws a little, so the legs will no longer rattle as much as they did. You can also apply a small drop of lubricant to the moving parts, to make the dog hump a bit easier, and with less noise involved.
    When will they produce a cat?


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