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  • Excellent reminders!

    posted by Mfox15

    These little things are CUTE! I couldn't believe I could get so many of these for the price. They are excellent gifts, I almost gave all of mine away, so I'm looking into getting the blue ones. They are well painted, and they make a pleasant sound when jingled. I put one on my mother's cell phone, so she always knows where it is.
    These are terrific gifts for people you don't want to spend much money on. (A horrible thing to say, but it's true, isn't it?) All my friends who received it were delighted, and immediately strapped their kitties onto their phones. They're quite adorable. So cute in fact, I wanted them all to myself! Then I though, "I can't strap 10 cat bells onto my NDS, that's crazy.."
    ...but I tried to anyways...
    Great gift, really affordable. If your friends and family like cute or exotic things, this would be the trinket to get them!
  • This is what I want

    posted by Electricgold

    The problem with DS stylus is that it eaily misplaced especially with kids. I once saw someone having their sylys tie to their DS. This prompt me to DIY my stylus. There is alot of handphone charm around which one end has the string hook and the others side has a small screw to the charm.I just remove the charm and screw it down to the sylus and attach the string hook to this. solving the problem which some one mention here it too short.
    Don;t understand why DS didn't think of my idea.
    If you don't like to constanly replace the stylus, you might want to do what I did for my stylus.
  • Cute and useful

    posted by BlueSonikku

    ?Very Nice quality?Cute?Nice sound?Useful for many Things
    I love these. I bought these and the blue ones and I use them on my messenger bag and my cell phone. They help me keep track of where my things are or if they are missing. They also work great as little gifts for friends or as party favors.
    These are lovely little bells. I would love to get more of them when the ones I currently have wear out. You get a great lot of these for the price and you can't get better then this.
  • Cute and very realistic, but expect duplicates

    posted by Fishuu

    They look very realistic and I was surprised that the charms have a ceramic matte feel to them, rather than shiny plastic. It makes them look more like real biscuits. Very detailed mouldings and cute.
    Ceramic texture makes it feel brittle, but we'll have to see after some usage.Check out my uploaded photo in the images section to see what I got.
    Still very cute, despite the lack of variety in designs. The shading on them looks so realistic that you could mistake them for real food. I will probably use mine as a base for some extra decorating work to jazz them up.
  • Lovely for people who like bells

    posted by vevaliyah

    - You get 10 of them!
    - They look exactly like in the picture
    - Very nice sound
    - Faces look great!
    - won't break easily (I actually tried >_<)
    For the price, they are great! You pay the same for ONE similar style (small animal with bell) charm in Tokyo. In Germany, you don't even find these.
    Sometimes the sound is a bit annoying...
    From time to time: check the silvery ring attached to the head - that's the weakest part and will break first (that's what happened to my "similar style" one)
    Nice to have around "just in case" - there's always an occasion you'll need one of them, trust me.

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