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straight tweezers Customers Reviews

  • Please publish my pinchy review

    posted by llasher

    Well made
    A thousand uses
    While I am sure my reviews will never get published, I write, Sisyphus style. I use these pinchy tongs to feed my dragons. I can recommend them for this purpose.
    My use of these tweezers is limited to holding cockroaches for lizards. You can use them for all your antistatic electronic needs, if you want.
  • Perfect for handwork

    posted by NWind

    Very good both material and build quality, very fine steel. Comfortable hand, protective tip for narrow endings (perfect for handing small parts). They are very precise, the grip is very good too. Lock is situated comfortably under your fingers so you can move it while handing the tool. Also lock provides possibility to control the pressure so you can safely grip even soft or fragile things with these tweezers.
    I wish there were pack of several of those.
    I'm a jeweler and I was very happy with this purchase. Awesomely handy tool!
  • Great tweezers

    posted by psusnjar

    A perfect product of the highest quality level, both in terms of finishing and mechanical functionality. They are made of anti-magnetic stainless steel. Very good handling. The plastic cap to protect the tip is a nice addition which can make them last much longer.
    A good buy - these are much nicer in quality and much cheaper than anything I can find near home. DealExtreme is a great place to get a whole set of tweezers for hobbies and fine work.
    I would recommend them to anyone who might need them.
  • Excellent product

    posted by GordonGecco

    Very high quality, fully comparable to my expensive Bernstein tweezes (+$30) that I use professionally. These WeiTus tweezers are apparently produced by Regine in Switzerland that are known for making high quality precision tools. The tweezers are also made of a non-magnetic stainless steel so it won’t pick up any annoying magnetism from others tools or equipment you are working on.
    The spring action of the tweezers are a bit on the hard side but maybe thats just me being used to working with other tools, its definitely nothing an hobbyist would be concerned about.
    These tweezers are perfect for SMD-soldering and fine mechanical works. I’m extremely impressed by the quality and precision of these tweezers and for very little money any hobbyist can get a set of professional grade tools. I also recommend that you get the full set of tweezers in this WeiTus line, DX carries eight different models that can be found at: sku.19868, sku.19872, sku.19873, sku.19870, sku.19871, sku.19869, sku.19867 and sku.19866.
  • Good!!

    posted by elensar1987

    Very good quality, metal is good and the plastic basatnet tong is replaceable if it breaks. Very useful for small electronic components without damaging them. The flat tips will allow a good grip.
    Very good article in price and quality. Very useful in the use of electronics for small components.
    Recommended for use because they are high quality, the tips are replaceable if they break and are large enough to be able to force if necessary.

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