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  • Just what I need it

    posted by galvaoo

    - Organize my stuff - The bands are tight and strong - In the middle of the band there are rubber strings, so your stuff don't worry about anything slipping off - It's about the size of a normal sheet of paper (A4), maybe a little bit bigger - the behind pocket is a nice touch as well
    Great product. Fit all my stuff and let the organized and easy to change if I have to use another bag, for example. It keeps all the thing strong in place. Every tech/geek/human should own one of these!Thx again DX!
  • Nice & cheap DSO

    posted by slamto

    The price is amazing for a two channel 40 MHz digital oscilloscope. If you've used a DSO before, then the user interface is intuitive and has quite a few useful features like math and FFT functions. Has an external trigger input as well, standard BNC connections, and USB self powered.
    Scope probes are essentially identical to Tektronics probes.
    You need two free USB ports, the extra port is used for more power. There is no option for an external power supply.
    Again, for the price this is a completely amazing deal, and a must for any electronics hobbyist. Perfect for checking analog audio and video connections, or the 'slow' digital circuit.
  • Great

    posted by eagle00789

    I am still new into the world of electronics and this scope is pretty straightforward to use.I would defenitly recommend this scope to anybody asking me for advice.
    It would be nice if it would be delivered inside a case (think military strength as i currently have on my scope, because of frequent transports to and from my local hackerspace) to have it protected during transport other then it's own box (which is thourogly packed by the way, so the scope will not damage during transport.
    Just buy it and you will have a scope that works like a charm.
  • Rigol DS1052E

    posted by jmat2009

    1. Excelent manufacture quality in both the unit and the probes.2. Fast response GUI and a lot of languajes built-in.3. with auto-calibrate 4. with Rigol warranties.5. Include all instructions, service manual, aplications and driver.6. Perfect packing
    Really recomend it.Is a very high quality product. If you need a osciloscope, this is a good unit.Perfect for profesionals and enginering students.

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