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  • It do its work

    posted by Sartan

    It works! Easy to rechargeAuto-wake on the collar unit Long Range, perfect for a quick dog.
    Knowledge on how to train your dog with it is required. No linked stimulus audio signal-physical signal, you have to do it yourself to properly train the dog.The maximum physical stimulus level is not high, the dog will ignore it if it is too focused on something else. It works in a preventive way, but forget it to stop the dog if it is already chasing a rabbit :)
    If you know how the expensive ones work and already know how to use it to train your dog, it is a good option for much less money.
  • Is it worth buying.

    posted by neivalmn

    Product works perfectly. Product with good quality. Use Guaranteed.
    My pets accepted on first use the product. I have a labrador who barks day and night with the leash and she was quiet in the first attempt lator. The good thing is that this product does not have any damage to the animal.
    The price is excellent, because here in Brazil that product costs about R$ 200,00 ($100,00) and most of what we have here is the product of shock causing harm to the animal.
  • Works well on my big dog.

    posted by KegRaider

    * Helps 'educate' your dog.
    * Not a painful shock.
    * Weather resistant.
    * Controller has Vibrate, Shock, Whistle?, and a LED torch.
    * Not an automatic shocker. I didn't want my dog to stop barking, just howling.
    I left the collar on my dog constantly when I first received it. He had this horrible habit of wailing whenever he heard a siren (Police/fire/ambulance), and consequently started the rest of the neighbourhood's dogs howling too!!
    After about 2 weeks of 'vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, SHOCK' the dog stopped on the 2nd vibrate. After one month, he doesn't howl at all!! Great investment in my opinion.
    Now the unit just hangs in the garage for when we take him walking "Just in case" he goes mental or something :)
    Some people think that I'm cruel for getting this device to control my dog. Well to those people, I tested it on myself first, and it does NOT hurt. It's a little uncomfortable, and it's only needed to distract him. It's not like I zap him for fun, I love my dog! I have 2 very small children under 3, and the dog and them get on great. It just annoyed the hell out of me when he would howl from sirens in the middle of the night and wake up the kids :(
    That doesn't happen anymore though, thanks DX!
  • Satisfied Customer

    posted by Stallas

    It is a very good product, strong plastic, batteries seem to be good, delivery takes a month to Portugal.All working in good conditioneverything comes well packaged, safe and discreet packaging, It is very useful for educating dogs, have varying levels of control, have a good distance range , works flawlessly!!
    Could bring a charger adapted to Europe
    It is a good producthas instruction bookworks flawlesslygood durabilitymanufactured good, strong and durable plastic
  • Good Collar

    posted by kishish

    Useful, big bottoms, widely distributed batteries, laser pointer for fun. Original magnetic switch on reciever. To switch on/off simply touch the collar remote control.
    Be careful to use this device, read instructions how to train your dog, use static only in case of emergency.
    This is my second collar from DX. First (SKU 55110) was very unuseful, RC was standby after 5 minutes, little display without lighting and so on.


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