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Welcome to our stickers assorted online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

stickers assorted Customers Reviews

  • Super Cute, super cheap

    posted by AnimeJet

    Incredibly cheap, this is a steal. They are usually over $2 and taxed and whatever else where, on DS they are less than a dollar each!
    They look pretty good, and are surprisingly well fitted to the shape of my nails, and don't come off easily unless you scratch. I put them on one day, and made a bunch of onigiri and washed the dishes, etc., they were still there for sure.
    Even if you lose a few, there are many many more! Make sure to use two layers of nail polish like the instructions say and you'll be fine.
    Great deal, cute designs
  • Alot for little money

    posted by XiaoChuChu

    Many different colors and alot inside them. They look good and are really pretty. The price is really low considering how much you get. Not damaged, came in a box plus a bag.
    The stickers have nice colors and if you lose one it doesn't matter because there are so many it seems like the box will never get empty.
    Many colors, shiny, and pretty.
  • Bright and colorfull

    posted by dearwendy

    - A lot of stickers! The size of the 'sheet' is a bit bigger then regular ones, to me at least!
    - Cute designs! VERY bright!
    - Stick strongly
    My pack was:
    1 alphabet -> didn't really like
    1 sweets -> cute! VERY, VERY shinny!
    1 hearts -> my favorite! But different from picture, I think mine look better =)
    2 musical notes -> liked it a lot!
    Awesome! Very shinny, will look good when decorating anything!
  • Fun for the price

    posted by missbisc

    For the price of these stickers, they will make a great addition to the Christmas presents for the girl cousins who will be visiting this year. I was looking for some items that would 'top up' the gifts that I had already ordered (thanks DX!).
    Compared to other (retail) products, the price of these is excellent value.
    You'll be pleased with the purchase of these items because of the price, number and ease of use of these.

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