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stereo microphone cable Customers Reviews

  • Good headset at a perfect price!

    posted by eMund

    Good packaging, feels safe and hygienic. The quality seems like pretty good but a bit plastic.Quite ok base but no super bass. The microphone works well. The sound quality is what one would expect from this type of headset. The contact is neat (Chinese characters on) and feels solid with a rubber closure. Hopefullyit stops the contact to loose with time.
    The button on the microphone make it possible to change the song in the playlist (Android). Very handy when you have the cell phone in your pocket. The cord is just the right length but no more.
    Good headphones for a cheap price to have in reserve. Perfect for train or bus when you want to relax with music, able to respond to calls and simultaneously listen to any messages that are called. Good headset at a perfect price!
  • Very comfortable wear. It perfectly adjusts to your ears, doesn't allow noi

    posted by malaveia

    Very comfortable wear. It perfectly adjusts to your ears, doesn't allow noise and outer sounds pass through, made ergonomically, i.e. it has different (the right and the left) ears, holds perfectly on the head, the mic moves in all directions. Looks good and expensive.
    In my city it's nearly impossible to find any USB headphones, or it will be up to 100 dollars and you'll never be sure of the quality. I spent quite a long time searching for a USB headset for work and study and only foud an affordable price here on DX. I am very happy I found this one.
    If you need a USB headset for online communication for long hours' work & study, and want no headaches or earaches you had with other headphones, this is a good thing to buy.
  • Product genuine and ok!

    posted by ichiromizuki

    The item is a genuine article coming from Logitech.What I received is what I was expecting.Using it I'm experiencing high quality video and phone calls, the speakers are ok and the microphone sensitivity is quite great too.
    Delivery to Malaysia was delayed because the goods went through customs upon arrival.That took weeks :(
    Buying from Dx is always a deal expecially now they improved the website customer care service.
  • Fantastic Headphones :)

    posted by aircontrol2

    -Great headset, sound quality in it is actually surprisingly good! In my opinion. I watched an episode of family guy with it and it sufficed :) -so easy to use. Literally, plug and play. Many great headsets come with drivers that need installing etc etc.- Build quality actually feels really good! Something I wasn't exactly expecting! The headset isn't too light, and isn't made of cheap plastic! There's a perfect weight to it :)- Microphone has quite good input! Was using it on skype and was told that it was fairly good! (Note going on someone else's word).- Quite comfortable to wear.- Easy to adjust the size for different sized heads.
    Watching movies, listening to music, or just having a chat on skype I think this does it all. Only thing is, if you want to watch HD movies with surround sound, I wouldn't recommend the product, but never the less the sound quality is really good!
    Bottomline, Totally recommend. Get one of this product!
  • More that I expected

    posted by alepira

    Extremely light weight, good graves, noise isolation really works. A must have in crowd work places... very good even with your wife talking and talking at yor side!! ;) You will say 'Hum, sorry?!' and WILL BE TRUTH!!!
    I dodn't used the mic yet (except a quick test), but it seems to be as good too, the only problem should be the position (near nec) maybe capture more noise from environment than your voice, but still a guess - someone else can be sure about?
    Cheaper than others, good enought to worth the time waited to arrive at home. The item was 'on stock', become 'back ordered' and then after a month or so, it was sent. Order with no rush...

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