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stereo headphones Customers Reviews

  • Not bad but not great...

    posted by dtchan2

    Light weight. Sharp looking. Sturdy yet flexible cable. Excellent renditions for voices or live venues, a bit weak on actual bass Fidelity even with 40mm drivers.
    I found myself using my hand at first to help direct sound into the mic, but solved the problem later by taping a hard piece of plastic to the mic to help as a deflector instead of using my hand.
    The incredibly light weight of this unit makes talking for hours quite comfortable playing MMORPG's or Skype, but I would not recommend it as a HiFi replacement to when using it for music enjoyment.
  • Great Headset (havent tested microphone yet).

    posted by BronzeCheese

    - Its Plug 'n Play.- I like the bass.- It came very well packed.
    This headset is great when you dont have enough money to buy one of the expensive headsets, which dont always have great quality anyway.
    Personally. I would say: Buy it. Unless you would have enough money to buy a more expensive gaming headset.
  • Excellent Product

    posted by handlevy

    I use these headphones to listen to music at work and to watch TV programs on the bus coming home. It sounds fine to me. Battery lasts a long time. The range is far enough that I can leave my phone on my desk and get a cup of coffee without disruption.
    The battery connection is not standard. I would have liked to have a wire at work and one at home rather than having to carry the wire back and forth, but I can't find a compatible wire in stores. If I lose or break the wire I'll have a problem.
    I couldn't be more satisfied.
  • super

    posted by GreyDiver

    Sound is super, even via bluetooth!!! I compared this headphone compaired with professional one.Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone. Best for this price!!!!
    Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone.
    Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone.if u wanna ask me reg this headphones, u can send me a mail to [email protected]
  • Fantastic Headphones :)

    posted by aircontrol2

    -Great headset, sound quality in it is actually surprisingly good! In my opinion. I watched an episode of family guy with it and it sufficed :) -so easy to use. Literally, plug and play. Many great headsets come with drivers that need installing etc etc.- Build quality actually feels really good! Something I wasn't exactly expecting! The headset isn't too light, and isn't made of cheap plastic! There's a perfect weight to it :)- Microphone has quite good input! Was using it on skype and was told that it was fairly good! (Note going on someone else's word).- Quite comfortable to wear.- Easy to adjust the size for different sized heads.
    Watching movies, listening to music, or just having a chat on skype I think this does it all. Only thing is, if you want to watch HD movies with surround sound, I wouldn't recommend the product, but never the less the sound quality is really good!
    Bottomline, Totally recommend. Get one of this product!

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