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stereo headphone Customers Reviews

  • Very good product

    posted by UsmanZaman

    Works perfect and great on all devices. No problems yet. I like the look of product. Quality is good and very useful. Fits very good in ear. Small and can be used even without hook, so can be used as a headset as well. Easily recognized by my laptop and computer. It has a good range...
    I would recommend it to anyone searching for a a bluetooth handsfree.
    Good product connects to any device, even my computer.
  • Great Mic Adapter to use With GoPro

    posted by drampazo

    Works fine as microphone adapter for my GoPro Hero 3.The quality looks very good.The cable is really soft.This item arrived in Brazil with less than one month since the purchase, very quick!
    I bought this item to use as microphone adapter to my GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition and works pretty good.I use this adapter in different weather condition, and still working after one month.
    If you want a good microphone to mini USB adapter you sholud buy this item.
  • Worth every penny!

    posted by AspElite

    It's a great adapter that does exacly what it's supposed to do.And for a price that low, unbeatable!!
    I was walking home and I was a bit drunk when it fell apart. I didn't care and kept using it. Shortly after the wires came off it. I kept all the parts. The day after I took out my soldering iron and fixed it. I put some hot glue inside it and put it togeather again and it has been working ever since. I bought 3 of these and I'm only using the first one. After my fix it's become unbreakable!
    If you need one, buy one! Pro-tip: Open it up and glue it togeather or do like me, wait until it falls apart to fix it.
  • Suprisingly GREAT sound!

    posted by morningxafter

    - Surprisingly great sound! Much better than you would expect for the price- VERY loud! If I crank the volume all the way up, they can almost be used as external speakers (almost).- Thick red fabric wrapped cord is very durable so you should never have a broken wire. And if it ever does break the cord plugs in on the earpiece too so you can just replace it with an aux cord.- The remote is handy and works like it should- The headband and the earpieces are very comfortable to wear.
    The mic built into the remote is great quality. I'm in the military and I used them when I pulled into port to FaceTime with my girlfriend. I was in a noisy pub using their wi-fi and we could both hear each other clearly.These are a bit too bulky to carry around all the time so I have a nice pair of in-ear headphones I use for day-to-day stuff, and always carry with me.
    They work great for what I needed them for; mainly for watching movies in my bunk, and FaceTime with my girlfriend when I hit ports with wi-fi. Like I said parts of them seem a little brittle but for the price, if I do happen to break them, I'll just order another pair. Definitely worth the price!
  • Great headphone and beautiful

    posted by Cristinagp

    Pretty much the headphone ..... has a great sound quality for the price. The white and red color is very beautiful and fashionable. It's a great headphone for the young who like music everywhere. It is very soft and has set various sizes. I found interesting was the wire that looks like a fabric. The stop button, and go back the music works correctly.
    Good fit in the ears
    Ideal for listening to music any occasion

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