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stereo extension cable

Welcome to our stereo extension cable online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. We recommend mini extension cable, camera cable extension as hot products. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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stereo extension cable Customers Reviews

  • Best deal

    posted by MrBuffon

    Well, its the best deal I had so far as cheapest with acceptable sound quality, it gave me two aux for the price of only one, I can not complain about the quality of the sound either, better than I thought.
    Nothing in my mind at the moment because it gave me everything I asked for.
    I'm just glad that I bought it, and I appreciate this amazing site that provided it for me.

    posted by Drensera

    This is perfect, it gives that great extra leangth to speakers and cords.It is a nice white colour, much like ipod cords.it works perfectly, the sound quality is not lost with your basic speakers and such.Great leanght, not too long but still gives you that perfect extra leangth.Very sturdy, strong cord, as well as the ends seem very strong.
    This is a great product if your looking to extend a speakers cable, such as an aux cable or just a simple portible speaker sistem.
  • Expensive but pretty. Works fine.

    posted by waxorian

    Looks pretty, comes in an aluminum case, works as fine as any extension cord. I bought it because the colour is easily distinguishable.
    The packaging box is not really necessary, but you can use it for storing other small things.I have not performed any audio quality tests since I assume this will negligible.
    Fine but expensive cable. Buy if you have a special reason for getting this one, otherwise get a cheaper alternative.
  • 3.5mm M-F Stereo Audio Extension Cable review.

    posted by Grunf92

    This is a really great extension cable, I use it for my microphone on my headphones, because the cable is too short on headphones. Quality of sound is great for this use, but for some audio recording you can forget this one. It is also extremly cheap, build quality is solid, I have them for 6 months and cable is still in a great shape.
    Cheap price for a solid build extension cable.
    I am satisfied with this item in my country I could spend on a same cable around 10€. So for me is a really great buy.
  • Works Perfectly So Far

    posted by fuzzymooples

    Exactly as described and pictured. Does exactly what it say in description. I needed it for extending my headphones from my computer so I could use them while not sitting at my desk and this works perfectly. Not too long not too short.
    The best for the price you're paying. It does it's job and isn't too expensive. Overall I am happy!

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