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stereo amplifier usb Customers Reviews

  • Quality product and good price.

    posted by blognuar

    Cheap product with great value for money. Good power. High volume. Low Distortion audio. Entries varied forms: P2, RCA, SD / MMC Card and USB. Stereo output. Remote very useful.
    Product arrived in just over 30 days. Came well packed in bubble plastic and box. The box was a bit dented but no major damage to the product. I work with music and audio, and really liked the sound quality. The LEDs are also a good ornament and blink often as the pulse of the music. It will help a lot when you hear the audio of www.blognuar.com
    Worth the price charged for it. It has the lowest cost of the market but it's good.
  • my review

    posted by dxshopper02

    its light weight, easy to use, and compact, it hase plenty of volume. for my project mounting is perfect. it WORKS with my ipod! awsome. the remote works, everything works as it should. the casing is thin but has its advantages like cooling, this product could use a fuse, could be used on a boat, or just as a simple desk radio, im not sure what type of speaker should be used, 4/8ohm i think im using 16ohm
    would be interesting if DX made a pair of speakers for this product, what would thay use
    great for the price, im satisfied
  • Excellent Amplifier

    posted by pappdenis10

    Very nice look, good combination of aluminum black case, front and back plate are silver. Sound quality is also excellent mainly from CD and DVD player, but from USB MP3 files have small noise between tracks.
    For better performance from CD or DVD via RCA plugs I suggest changing the resistors on input path for both left and right channel. For signals put 1kOhm resistors other two between signal and ground put 220kOhm. Volume quantity become much more.
    Remote control is only for MP3 files through USB or MMC card. Volume control put near maximum so you can regulate on remote control toward minumum.
    I use it with two-way speaker system about 60W and 8 ohms impedance. For power supply 12V 2A is suitable.
  • Does the job

    posted by ninjahippie

    Super cheap looks really nice, Super easy to use. Remote is pretty awesome I dont use it but its pretty awesome. Running two 230w speakers on it and they are loud!!! Built a little box for the back of my motor bike and it all sits in there all my mates want me to build them one they love it so much!
    Really good sound pretty loud good for golf course or bbq used it for dance practice and every one could hear it fine :D
    Bloody good product. Really good wee project for anyone build a wee box for it all to sit in. I had tones of fun with it :D real wee factor for any beach party picnic!
  • Good Chi-fi Audio quality, for the price.

    posted by Deshi

    Definately not Hi-Fi by audiophile standards, but for the price, the quality is quite acceptable. It needs a good clean power source to produce good sound though, a 12v Auto battery is a good test.
    Bass and trebble boosts worked well with little distortion.
    Will power 4 3-4ohm car speakers sufficiently if properly cooled. (see cons)
    This unit carries a tda-7377 Silicon Chips Chip-amp, which is fairly descent for this type of amplifier. it is not a T-amp though as many where asking in the forums. T-amps tend to be a bit more expensive anyway. For the price, this will get the job done, its fairly low distortion, and powerfull enough to comfortable listen to music in your car. I would not use this an a amp inbetween an existing car stereo (unless its of very high quality) and your speakers, since this will amplify any distortions in that pre-amp, making the sound worse. This is intended to amp a clean line-out source, or a headphone amp from a Good SQ portable media device, which it works well enough as.
    Descent Sound quality, for the price its worth it, If even as just a backup. If your the type that is quite content with the sound of your Ipod with your $30 headphones, this may be usefull to you, but if your an Audiophile that likes nothing but the best and most accurate, this will do you more good in your trash can.
    There are T-amp solutions out there, mainly using the TA-2020 and TA-2030 chips that will produce better more audiophile like sound than this for the 30-50$ range, if you'd rather spend a little more to get better quality, but usually lack the nice package with control nobs that this has. "41hz" comes to mind when it comes to DIY projects using these chips. Would be nice to see some of these kits show up here.


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