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  • best buy for start with arduino

    posted by Remirran

    Good package. Large amount of components/sensors for your ideas. Arduino board inside. Some resistors, LEDs are also included. Every detail, every cable have good quality. Breadboard is really helpful for everybody who wants to create electronic devices and have no skill in soldering.
    I bought it for my son and he is really happy. He has a lot of ideas and now he plays with motor. But if you a beginner and you buy this box for your business please find any community which will help you to recognize components, because sometimes it is very challenging.
    Therefore this is a great deal for every beginner who wants start play with arduino boards.
  • Price is fair, but came without heatsinks.

    posted by skaravelhu

    They came already soldered, wich i think is very good for this kind of thing, since a wrong soldered pin can damage the whole thing and the whole controller board.Came with a nice plastic box, wich I think again that is very good, since it protected the pins from bending.
    Still not testes it with my printer, becouse it is not ready yet, but tested the pins for short-circuit and everithing looks OK.
    Maybe I had bad luck with the heatsinks. I buy from DX often and this is the first time I had a missing item. The product looks great, the same as on other places. If they work as expected I'll buy another kit for sure, and hope that this time it arrive with heatsinks.
  • simple and strong motor, easy to use

    posted by dreezy

    This motor is simple to use. I use it for changing the position of an valve. The valve is normally used with an handleThe handle i have disconnected and melt the motor into the valve. This motor is controlled by a computer who gives the signal to turn the motor
    The motor is very strong en not to keep up with against the hand, the valve i talked by the pros is simply turned by the motor. While the valve has an startpoint where it is not easy to move. This motor is moving the valve trough this point and after that is turns easely
    As i said this motor is powerfull, easy to connect to the computer and simple to program to do his job
  • Great motor controller for arduino

    posted by GigaSan

    This controller is not only for stepper motors but can control one stepper or two regular DC motors.Protection diodes, indicator LEDs, power supply (5V and 3.3V), all are present on the board.Works perfectly with anything between 4V and 15V.Inputs need to be connected to 4 Arduino output pins.
    Based around a well known double-H bridge IC with a heat sink and a small power supply this brings all you need to control a single stepper or two DC motors with an arduino board.
    Great for kids projects, or anything you might want to do.
  • Excellent product

    posted by nrile

    It is really easy to use. Good thing is a large number of inputs for limit switches, emergency stop...
    It is designed for bipolar motors, so do not try to connect unipolar motors, because they use different types of drivers. For my project i used easydriver and it works just fine.
    Excellent product, it can be used from hobby projects to some serious milling machines.


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