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  • Great motor controller for arduino

    posted by GigaSan

    This controller is not only for stepper motors but can control one stepper or two regular DC motors.Protection diodes, indicator LEDs, power supply (5V and 3.3V), all are present on the board.Works perfectly with anything between 4V and 15V.Inputs need to be connected to 4 Arduino output pins.
    Based around a well known double-H bridge IC with a heat sink and a small power supply this brings all you need to control a single stepper or two DC motors with an arduino board.
    Great for kids projects, or anything you might want to do.
  • Works as expected, and at a very affordable price

    posted by netiness

    It was cheap, less than the price for a L298 chip alone in my country.I had no problem hooking it up to a stepper motor, and the onboard 5V supply regulator comes in handy for supplying other parts of my project.Each output as a green led associated with it so you can verify the stepping sequence,It also have a switch that can be used to shut off the controller board.
    I'm using this board connected to a parallell port. Hook a common ground to the GND part of the power terminal, then signal the IN pins in correct order to step the motor.
    Useful, cheap, and of acceptable build quality. I will be buying more of these because it was so easy to use.
  • Price is fair, but came without heatsinks.

    posted by skaravelhu

    They came already soldered, wich i think is very good for this kind of thing, since a wrong soldered pin can damage the whole thing and the whole controller board.Came with a nice plastic box, wich I think again that is very good, since it protected the pins from bending.
    Still not testes it with my printer, becouse it is not ready yet, but tested the pins for short-circuit and everithing looks OK.
    Maybe I had bad luck with the heatsinks. I buy from DX often and this is the first time I had a missing item. The product looks great, the same as on other places. If they work as expected I'll buy another kit for sure, and hope that this time it arrive with heatsinks.
  • Excellent quality breakout board

    posted by MattTheGeek

    Genuine TI ULN2003A Darlington transistor array IC. Socket to connect to a uni-polar stepper.All eight of the inputs and outputs to and from the transistor array are broken out.A on-board jumper (which is labeled "<->") to disconnect power to the stepper socket.
    Flux was not cleaned off the board, but i can clean it off my self. The module seems to be soldered with a mix of leaded and lead free solder. PCB edges have been sanded to a smooth edge, No rough edges. The PCB thickness is standard (1.6mm)The module was packaged well, with static dissipative foam protecting the headers, and a static shield bag to wrap it all up.Others may like the LED, but i find them unnecessary.
    While the IC is relatively cheap and requires no external components to work, the breakout provides a socket for connecting it to a uni-polar stepper. For this price, Just buy it. While this is designed to drive uni-polar steppers, it can be used for many other applications.


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