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stepper motor driver Customers Reviews

  • Great driver! High speed! Minor mounting issue.

    posted by ehud42

    Easy to setup and configure. All TB6560 options settable via onboard switches. Am driving 3A steppers very quickly! Lots of torque! Here's my home made driver box (2 x 12V ATX PSUs inside) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxhDBptzSgQ
    When setting up inputs (step, direction, disable), each input is completely isolated - which is good! If driving from a computer parallel port (LinuxCNC for example) you need to bring out multiple grounds for each data line.
    Great purchase, am very pleased with them so far.
  • Small, cheap and good quallity

    posted by korlenn

    Great price. Small as i expected. Good quallity at this price.
    If you make an analogy between L298 and L9110, L9110 can see that the does not have enable/disable pin.In other words is simply connected to the Arduino, in my case.External power supply must be used to avoid power problems.
    Connect with an Arduino Mega (bought from DX) works very fine with 2 micromotors.
  • great for learning

    posted by bergaliva

    Very cheap, and since it comes with a driver board, easy to get started with.The motor is tiny, so don't expect to build a full size cnc macine out of it;) Resonable lenght of cable makes it easy to hook it up to whatever chip you want to drive it with
    Great stepper to get started in understanding the hardware/software interaction in stepper motors. Don't expect to get precision, since, as i said earlier, there is some play in the built-in gear box.
    Bottom line is; If you want to learn about steppers, have plans to build a cnc or whatever later on; Get these to get started before you start on the more "real" ones.
  • Does what it's supposed to do

    posted by joaopbranco

    - It's a Small board- Connecting it to the stepper motor is foolproof due to the connector- Has 4 surface mounted LED's that display the status of the sequence sent to the motor- Very cheap piece (one can use this with a 28YBJ stepper motor for +/- $5)
    There are more complete/complex hardware to perform this task... but sincerely, i found this little fellow to be good enough to make the system function perfectly, so why bother and buy a more expensible driver?
    What can one say about this? it does what it is supposed to do, that is, it drives the stepper motor (in my case the "DC 5V 28YBJ-48 Stepper Motor for Arduino") from my arduino. I really enjoy the form factor and the quality for the price.
  • Easy to use stepper motor driver for arduino

    posted by mr22turbo

    Quite cheap, easy to use and connect to an Arduino.You can drive two dc motors (PWM) or one 4-wire stepper motor. Several settings can be changed with jumpers.
    I connected a stepper motors from a dome camera to it and it worked like a charm! You have to use an external power source (laptop adapter for example) to provide power to the stepper motor. Information on using this shield can be found here: http://myrobotlab.net/tutorial-control-stepper-motor-with-l298n-easy-way/
    Buy it if you need to drive some heavy stepper motors with your arduino

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