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stepper driver Customers Reviews

  • Price is fair, but came without heatsinks.

    posted by skaravelhu

    They came already soldered, wich i think is very good for this kind of thing, since a wrong soldered pin can damage the whole thing and the whole controller board.Came with a nice plastic box, wich I think again that is very good, since it protected the pins from bending.
    Still not testes it with my printer, becouse it is not ready yet, but tested the pins for short-circuit and everithing looks OK.
    Maybe I had bad luck with the heatsinks. I buy from DX often and this is the first time I had a missing item. The product looks great, the same as on other places. If they work as expected I'll buy another kit for sure, and hope that this time it arrive with heatsinks.
  • Price makes up for lack of precision

    posted by z00m3r

    -the easiest to use unipolar stepper I ever worked with-costs much less high quality/precision motors - amazing for learning about bipolar steppers-the ULN2003 board is suitable for so many other applications
    -the ULN2003 chip has 4 inputs and 4 outputs used (out of 7). Aditional connectors could be soldered if used for something else
    cheap enough to overlook the weak motor; board is great and with some jumperwires it can be connected to a microcontroller in under 3 minutes!
  • Excellent product

    posted by GabrielMini

    Excellent product, it worked fine on my 3d printer. Warmed very little compared to other drivers I bought, but the sink is still needed. (which comes accompanied with adhesive tape to stick on the driver). The price is great.
    A bit of skill and care is required when placing the circuit, check that was not loaded correctly to burn the equipment. Do not place metal equipment on top (except the sink, and when turned off), or finger to test the heat, or whatever.
    It comes accompanied with the sink, and each sink has a ribbon to make a collage with the driver.
  • Works as expected, and at a very affordable price

    posted by netiness

    It was cheap, less than the price for a L298 chip alone in my country.I had no problem hooking it up to a stepper motor, and the onboard 5V supply regulator comes in handy for supplying other parts of my project.Each output as a green led associated with it so you can verify the stepping sequence,It also have a switch that can be used to shut off the controller board.
    I'm using this board connected to a parallell port. Hook a common ground to the GND part of the power terminal, then signal the IN pins in correct order to step the motor.
    Useful, cheap, and of acceptable build quality. I will be buying more of these because it was so easy to use.
  • CnC control Board

    posted by waynedevereaux

    Great machine board. It can use voltages up to 32 v. Comes with an installation cd and old school cable. This can drive some very large stepper motors given the right equipment is used (Stepper drivers) . Nicely cleaned and soldered joints .
    Can control up to 5 axis's with reliable control.Ideal for cnc and 3D printing if you are really motivated
    A Great value board once you know what to do.

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