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  • Excellent quality breakout board

    posted by MattTheGeek

    Genuine TI ULN2003A Darlington transistor array IC. Socket to connect to a uni-polar stepper.All eight of the inputs and outputs to and from the transistor array are broken out.A on-board jumper (which is labeled "<->") to disconnect power to the stepper socket.
    Flux was not cleaned off the board, but i can clean it off my self. The module seems to be soldered with a mix of leaded and lead free solder. PCB edges have been sanded to a smooth edge, No rough edges. The PCB thickness is standard (1.6mm)The module was packaged well, with static dissipative foam protecting the headers, and a static shield bag to wrap it all up.Others may like the LED, but i find them unnecessary.
    While the IC is relatively cheap and requires no external components to work, the breakout provides a socket for connecting it to a uni-polar stepper. For this price, Just buy it. While this is designed to drive uni-polar steppers, it can be used for many other applications.
  • Great driver! High speed! Minor mounting issue.

    posted by ehud42

    Easy to setup and configure. All TB6560 options settable via onboard switches. Am driving 3A steppers very quickly! Lots of torque! Here's my home made driver box (2 x 12V ATX PSUs inside) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxhDBptzSgQ
    When setting up inputs (step, direction, disable), each input is completely isolated - which is good! If driving from a computer parallel port (LinuxCNC for example) you need to bring out multiple grounds for each data line.
    Great purchase, am very pleased with them so far.
  • Great circuit for controlling two DC-motors or stepper motor

    posted by SamiVakkuri

    Great circuit for controlling two DC-motors (or stepper motor). I use it with 12V battery and Arduino Mega to control ~20W motor and it works properly.
    Here example about working: A1: A2: Motor state:| 0 | 0 | Freerun| 1 | 0 | Clockwise| 0 | 1 | Counter-Clockwise| 1 | 1 | Brake (motor short circuit)-You can control speed of motor with PWM-signal
    Great and cheap for anyting with quite powerful DC-motors.
  • It's a good chip for stepper motors

    posted by Toin1

    This chip has all that's needed to make a flexible driver for stepper motors. It can be used for a wide range of current used on many stepper motors.Input signals needed are step, direction and enable. This is what many CNC programs use to drive the motors.
    A cheap replacement chip if you blew one on a stepper driver board. Most of the cheap boards use this chip
    I'm waiting for DX to put more CNC stuff in the program. A single motor driver board with this chip at a good price would be a nice item.
  • Price makes up for lack of precision

    posted by z00m3r

    -the easiest to use unipolar stepper I ever worked with-costs much less high quality/precision motors - amazing for learning about bipolar steppers-the ULN2003 board is suitable for so many other applications
    -the ULN2003 chip has 4 inputs and 4 outputs used (out of 7). Aditional connectors could be soldered if used for something else
    cheap enough to overlook the weak motor; board is great and with some jumperwires it can be connected to a microcontroller in under 3 minutes!


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