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stepper driver board Customers Reviews

  • great for learning

    posted by bergaliva

    Very cheap, and since it comes with a driver board, easy to get started with.The motor is tiny, so don't expect to build a full size cnc macine out of it;) Resonable lenght of cable makes it easy to hook it up to whatever chip you want to drive it with
    Great stepper to get started in understanding the hardware/software interaction in stepper motors. Don't expect to get precision, since, as i said earlier, there is some play in the built-in gear box.
    Bottom line is; If you want to learn about steppers, have plans to build a cnc or whatever later on; Get these to get started before you start on the more "real" ones.
  • 5V stepper motor with controller

    posted by hrpanchal

    It works great with any arduino. I am using with my UNO and works fine without any problem.It is cheaper in price, good quality.Easy to plug in and no need to separate wiring for it. I am using this product since couple of months and works without any problem.
    It is simple, and easy to use. If you want to hookup with Ardiuno UNO it works great.
    Worth to buy at this price. Works excellent and good quality.
  • Excellent product

    posted by nrile

    It is really easy to use. Good thing is a large number of inputs for limit switches, emergency stop...
    It is designed for bipolar motors, so do not try to connect unipolar motors, because they use different types of drivers. For my project i used easydriver and it works just fine.
    Excellent product, it can be used from hobby projects to some serious milling machines.
  • Microstepping stepper driver

    posted by chuank

    This looks to be the original EasyDriver V4.4 Stepper. That's probably the reason why the price is steeper.I like the fact that it comes without header pins unsoldered – that way I can adapt it to my project.Based on the Allegro A3967 controller. Microstepping, sleep mode, all-in-one package for bipolar motors.
    You will need to heatsink this guy to get any useful output on your steppers.Works very well with Arduino and other microcontrollers. This is a cheaper version to the newer BigEasy driver.Specifications of this board can be found here:http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/index.html
    If you're tired of the limitations of the L298N or ULN2003-based steppers, try these out. Way better control and microstepping functionality awaits.
  • good product

    posted by fabio1964

    This is a very nice little L298 carrier board. It has (very bright) red status LEDs for the 4 inputs, as well as jumper-enable-able pull-up resistors on the inputs.
    No manual. Can't see the reason for pull-up resistors on the inputs(see other thoughts). For security reasons I would put pullDOWN resistors, if any. Plastic parts of the screw terminals are somewhat loose on my board (I bought only one), but that does not caused any problem. Got the same problem with supplies over 20V as FakeName describes
    At this price it can't get any better! if you are looking for a great h-bridge to control couple motors this is a sure bet


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