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step up module Customers Reviews

  • Mobile power suppply

    posted by Koppen24

    Handy device, easily and accurately set. I use it in my car for media player. with 4 diodes I have the input voltage 2.5 volts lowered, then I could adjust the tension nicely at 12.5 volts. because a car when the engine is running 14.5 volts charging. The media player works well and without fault in sound or image
    the device is recommended for anyone with a laptop on the go with the car.
    Handy device for little money, certainly useful for a laptop because they are generally at a higher working voltage than 14.5 volts in a car.
  • Variable voltageboost from 12v to 35v.

    posted by qwwwizx

    - Size, a very small package- Mount feets- Easy to equip - Very easy to use- Looks as good quality work- Very cheep
    I bought this to be able to variable boost voltage going to 12 non-pwm computer fans and to test if it can provide enough power to supply some smaller peltier elements. So far I have tested the voltage going smoothly from 12v to 35v, and a 3000 rpm scythe 120x38mm fan. My god a fan like that can eject some air when voltage goes up.
    Better than I expected. Looks a lot bigger on the picture on DX.com than it really is. I am very satisfied.
  • Great product for testing

    posted by erlenmeyer

    Good step-up module, with a clear display which display input and output voltage. Also you can turn it off (to save power). Welding is excelent and came with additional holes to fit it over a protoboard and M3 holes.
    I'm using this module to connect some bateries to make a regulable power source. I tested with a 550 mAh Li-Ion Battery and is working perfectly. Only have in mind the limitation of the board to 2.5 A.
    Great deal for DIY lovers!
  • Upconverter works well

    posted by ve3ffk

    Works well. I'm using it as a USB to 12V DC converter to avoid carrying (and caring for) an extra battery for some laptop accessories that use 12V. In this case, a TNC (computer to packet radio interface)
    Solder pads are large and located on the corners of the board, making connection very easy to solder, even if you aren't very good at soldering. The completely inept could still drill and bolt wires on if they had to.
    I will buy more when I need them.
  • Powerful and cost-effective

    posted by msanzl

    Wide output range with low power dissipation, high voltage stability, power LED indicator, fused.
    Provides a fan connector on the PCB with selectable input-output voltage, only necessary for high current outputs. I use it with a pressure factor of 2-2.5, up to 3A input and no need for ventilation
    Great device for battery powered applications, perfect for extending the voltage of an ATX power supply

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