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step up module Customers Reviews

  • Not very efficient, but versatile

    posted by amigaexpert

    * Wide output range* Mount holes* Relatively small
    Find the desired resistance, desolder the potentiometer, add fixed resistance. This will increase stability & reliability.Also take care when screwing these to any conducting surface/material.And remember to add an mechanical switch.
    If you need more current then the small USB "charger"s can supply, or if 5V isn't enough for your use, then this or any other of the LM2577 adapters will definitely do the trick.But they have limits if the lithium cell is depleted, higher output voltages and/or currents may be problematic.This one is better for 2-cell applications.
  • Another good USB charger

    posted by relic38

    - Small, easy to use- Stays cool enough to put in an enclosure without worrying about overheating
    I bought these to build solar and battery powered mobile USB chargers. I haven't put them into a project yet, but they do work well on the bench.
    If you are looking for a basic USB charger with an On/OFF LED, this is a good, low cost option. If you need low idle current and a charge indication LED, SKU 146765 is a better option.
  • A good converter with good parameters.

    posted by Belsysnet

    The device is good at laptop powerful loading (> 50 watts). Heating is negligible. Efficiency as declared. The minimum input voltage was lower. Device to run with 9,6 V, but with low efficiency.
    Solid capacitors, probably would have been better, and slightly increased the cost of the device.
    The unit deals with the task. With proper cooling, can work on the stated power (150 watts). I would recommend using it on a constant load up to 100 watts.
  • Good value

    posted by bussemann

    Step up AND step down. Efficient, no heat loss. Indicator light when working.Screw terminals in and out, good markings +/-Accompanying spacer nuts and bolts makes installing in metal encasement a breeze. Good build quality.
    I have used this to make an emergency USB charger. With this I can connect ANY battery or combination of batteries and get a stable 5V output
    Great for variable input power sources, charge your phone from your bike dynamo, maybe? (rectify first)I have bought several, and they work as advertised
  • powerbooster with CURRENT CONTROLL

    posted by lasermanathome

    This SKU delivers exactly that what other of these kind of voltageboosters do not have, currentcontroll!!So you don't have to use ballastresistors or other currentlimiting measures.Leds do have the habit to alter their resistance when they are in conducting state (like fluorescentbulbs but less dramatical)So this booster can drive powerleds without other components when cooling is OK!!
    Can be used to build massive ampifiers for carsAlso suitable for RC when higher voltages are used.When used 3 pieces parallel (with diodes) you can even feed an electric bike with one traction battery (12/24 VDC) USE an antiparraleldiode for the motor!!
    For inventors this is a very handy component with much (hidden) potential.


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