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  • powerbooster with CURRENT CONTROLL

    posted by lasermanathome

    This SKU delivers exactly that what other of these kind of voltageboosters do not have, currentcontroll!!So you don't have to use ballastresistors or other currentlimiting measures.Leds do have the habit to alter their resistance when they are in conducting state (like fluorescentbulbs but less dramatical)So this booster can drive powerleds without other components when cooling is OK!!
    Can be used to build massive ampifiers for carsAlso suitable for RC when higher voltages are used.When used 3 pieces parallel (with diodes) you can even feed an electric bike with one traction battery (12/24 VDC) USE an antiparraleldiode for the motor!!
    For inventors this is a very handy component with much (hidden) potential.
  • Great product for testing

    posted by erlenmeyer

    Good step-up module, with a clear display which display input and output voltage. Also you can turn it off (to save power). Welding is excelent and came with additional holes to fit it over a protoboard and M3 holes.
    I'm using this module to connect some bateries to make a regulable power source. I tested with a 550 mAh Li-Ion Battery and is working perfectly. Only have in mind the limitation of the board to 2.5 A.
    Great deal for DIY lovers!
  • It's nice to have it!

    posted by CrypterMKD

    It's well built, nice soldering job, no short circuits. I tried to build it first, but this one is far better than the one I built. I use it to run 12V cooler in a cooling pad on the 5V ports on my laptop. I'll order a few more for my other projects. It even has one small red LED to indicate when there is power on input and if the voltage is too low the LED won't work. That makes it easier to operate!
    It's cheap and not worth building the simple circuit. I really like it :)
    It's the cheapest one you can find online.
  • Cheap

    posted by metal03326

    - It's cheap. - It has good build quality. - It's small.
    I bought this for my solar panel (3.4 volts at 40mA) to experiment. My expectations were this thing to supply solid 5V no matter the load. This is not what I got - when plug something to charge, the voltage drops to the input one (3.4V) and the current stays as input one (40mA). I was expecting the current to drop, but the voltage to remain 5V.
    It's cheap, so it can be used for experimenting without emptying your wallet.


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