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step module Customers Reviews

  • Awesome, I am very satisfyed

    posted by duodecimo

    The products (I have bought 2 motors) where very carefully packed, and this is awesome. The motors worked out of the box, no problem (other that I had to find a schema to connect things in the internet).
    It would be great if there were instructions on how to connect the product with the Arduino board, along with some example code.
    In the end, after finding a schema of connection and a sample code on the web, all worked as expected. The motors are slow, but very strong, and my circuits did not heat at all. I was very pleased with my purchase.
  • Good powersupply with some modifications

    posted by Dreamman65

    Nice Small PCB which can be used to chop down power supplies. Has 4 holes drilled into the PCB so you can mount it with M3 screws.For this amount of money you can't make it yourself.
    Haven't used it with large currents, so don't know when it gets to hot without a proper heatsink.
    Good powersupply, i'm using it to power a Laser Driver. But i rather spend 0.30 more to buy the one with the potentiometer fitted already.
  • Small and stable!

    posted by jackorobot

    Small form factor.Very stable output.Easy to see LEDs that show if it is in constant current or voltage mode.Very accurate potentiometer.Good use of heatsinks, does not get too hot.The PCB is very well labeled, so you know what everything means.
    Very nice product, very easy to implement in a project.I have used it in combination with a 24V, 3A power supply, and it works like a charm. It provides power for various projects, and is a lot cheaper than a complete lab supply.
    Good for people who know what to do with this.
  • A good converter with good parameters.

    posted by Belsysnet

    The device is good at laptop powerful loading (> 50 watts). Heating is negligible. Efficiency as declared. The minimum input voltage was lower. Device to run with 9,6 V, but with low efficiency.
    Solid capacitors, probably would have been better, and slightly increased the cost of the device.
    The unit deals with the task. With proper cooling, can work on the stated power (150 watts). I would recommend using it on a constant load up to 100 watts.
  • Flexible and useful boost converter

    posted by JimM0000

    Pre-designed and built boost converter that just works.WAY cheaper then you could build yourself.
    If you remove the adjustment pot, these can be used as current regulated supplies for LEDs by wiring in a current sense resistor.
    A great converter for way less than you could build yourself.


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