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step down module Customers Reviews

  • Works for me

    posted by GabrielB11

    Cheaper than building it myself here... Since where I live the components are not common.
    Could be cheaper, maybe?
    It is compact and exactly what I needed to have my internet router working on batteries in case of power shutdown!It even has a LED that I find useful to know if it is actually working and I didn't know it had it.Got it encased and mounted in 10 minutes. The other one I made myself took me more than a week since I had to build my own cooper coils, and a generic circuit board because nobody sells them here.
  • Good thing

    posted by iamsmok

    Easy to connect the battery holder, just use slot screwdriver; Does not heat with 1A load; USB output;
    I used it to power a Raspberry Pi off 3x18650 batteries. Got 4+ hours with uncharged batteries (they were new, charged by the factory).
    Great product to power your mobile device.Why does review have to be so long? Why does review have to be so long? Why does review have to be so long? Why does review have to be so long? Why does review have to be so long? Why does review have to be so long?
  • Good powersupply with some modifications

    posted by Dreamman65

    Nice Small PCB which can be used to chop down power supplies. Has 4 holes drilled into the PCB so you can mount it with M3 screws.For this amount of money you can't make it yourself.
    Haven't used it with large currents, so don't know when it gets to hot without a proper heatsink.
    Good powersupply, i'm using it to power a Laser Driver. But i rather spend 0.30 more to buy the one with the potentiometer fitted already.
  • DC Voltage Regulator

    posted by NektariosSp

    Great piece. Quite useful. Not possible to build one, using ordinary 7805, cables and a USB socket. Works fine, but I have not tested it running to the current limits. Great for installation in cars, DIY projects and of course, for connecting any USB powered device.
    I have no other thoughts.
    Good to buy. Nothing special needed for installation.
  • Very good regulator

    posted by Bunny1

    Simple and robust, very usefull. You can change trimpot by fixed resistor, there are pads to do it, and it turns into a fixed voltage regulator. Overcurrent protection. Voltage adjustment is very precise.
    Small and simple, easy to fix, possible use in many experiments and prototypes. I saw some other regulators based in LM2596 more cheap, but using bobin wih low inductance, let to experience in future.
    If you need a regulator for experiments or low production electronics, use it.

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