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steering gear Customers Reviews

  • Cheap servos

    posted by ejinguan

    Small, lightweight and most importantly cheap! Bought some for some robotics projects with Arduino.Tried to modify into continuous rotation servos - it is possible even with this small size.Cheap enough that after melting one down, it's a small cost to pay to learn how these work.Torque is relatively strong: calculations show it probably can lift 100g weight at a 15cm distance.
    Initial order shipped with one servo only. After raising a ticket, I got my full order subsequently.
    Cheap and good for the price!
  • Nice Little Servo

    posted by bluestreak101

    This is a reasonable little servo. I got mine for a small project im working on and have no trouble with it. Does what I need.
    Would be great if it was even cheaper!
    Perfect for small projects or playing with small RC planes it appears to be reasonable well made although I doubt it would be good for those elite models. I am considering getting more of the same but if I can find cheaper I could be swayed
  • These are NOT 'mini' servos!

    posted by cragv

    For a full-size servo, it was cheap. Recognisable brand on the label, too.
    I've had a great run with DX products, but when something so basic as a misleading title is combined with several weeks' wait for a project, the whole thing is set back needlessly. Frustrating!
    Basic servo at an excellent price, no complaints there. Just incorrect/misleading title meaning I'm frustrated!
  • I Recommend!

    posted by meatom

    Built quality is ok, the gear is plastic, but it can handle 1.2kg of torque easily, Im not sure about 1.9kg adviced.In general it works as expected.
    It's my third time buing this product and I pretende buy it again, so it works as expected.Buying three you can set up an air model with four channels easily. You can use one to rudder, another to aileron, and one to elevator.
  • Very tiny servo

    posted by Ketse89

    * Very small
    * Good torgue for size
    * Comes with 4 kinds of plastic arms.
    I tested this with regulated 5.0V supply, and ATmega128 microcontroller giving continuous pwm-signal of 50Hz and pulsewidth of 1-2ms. Usually servos should turn with that signal from 0° to 180°, but this only turned about 90°. I confirmed with oscilloscope that my control signal is ok, so I guess that non-excepted turning is somehow caused by this servo.
    If you need very tiny servo, this is for you. Just keep in mind that this is fragile because case is not glued.

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