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On this page, you can find a wide selection of steel rings. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

steel rings Customers Reviews

  • nice ring with diamond imitations

    posted by MaTrek

    Very well made, nice looking , seems to be good quality product , the rocks are strudy and looks really well made. The false diamonds are relatively small so it looks like it could be real... the color of the ring material is shiny
    dont know how long it can stay so nice and not wraped ...but seems to be well made so I can recommend to buy it at least as a lowcost present to your friends....
    I would like to have bigger sizes...
  • Beautiful and healthy jewelry

    posted by VERITAX

    Beautiful and healthy jewelry after the piercing with sterile medical Earrings Set skin and mucous piercing. Good quality steel and ornaments. Do not change with time. Subject to surface sterilization. I have not watched local Allergic skin problems after their placement. Often soon after medical aesthetic jewelry set
  • I have received my order.

    posted by titche

    My order has arrived about one month. I'm pretty happy that I received from dx.com rings, I will continue to buy in Dx.com.
    All products that offered dx.com, are very good,I am very happy that I received from dx.com rings as I ordered, My girlfriend is very happy for the gift you have given out dx.com, she loves rings.
    I have received rings as I paid and same style, you're the best. Thanks Dx.com
  • Pretty, but fragile

    posted by Calab

    This ring is quite pretty. My wife loved it when she saw it.
    Don't plan to wear it all the time. For occasional use it is quite nice. There should be more sizes of this ring available.
    If you don't expect it to last forever, you should be happy with this ring. Now I just need to add enough words for DX to accept the length of this review.
  • So punk

    posted by gestapesta

    Beautiful. Not too heavy. Good for earrings. Both colors are great (black and "silver"). Welding quality is perfect. No diamonds dropped off after hard use. Price isn't much. Easy to put on.
    After time you get used to poking spikes. Paint quality is OK. If you look it closely, you can see the dropping marks. But looking from a distance, you can't see them and they look perfect.
    Good for earrings. No chipping paint. No dropping diamonds. Easy to use. Not so many have these kinds of jewelry.

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