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  • This watch is awesome

    posted by endlessvoid

    Looks very slick, people ask me how much it cost and where I got it all the time; they assume that it's a very expensive watch.
    Keeps fairly accurate time, when I first got it it stayed almost exact with minimal winding for a couple months, then it began to get slower and now it tends to lose a minute or two a day, still pretty good though.
    It's surprisingly rugged for such a fancy watch. I wear it every day on the job and despite the abuse it has only a few nicks and scratches, even the links on the band are still black with only minor wearing around the corners.
    It's a very nice watch. It looks like a million dollars, and you'll never have to worry about batteries ever again.
    Buy it. Wear it everywhere, if you should break it on accident, just buy another one. At this price you could buy a few for backup.
  • Big watches for large hands

    posted by timtori

    It really big watch. Perfect choice for people with large hands. People with poor vision can easily see time without glasses. On a photo numbers look red, they actually copper. Second hand is not an imitation, it works correctly
    If the usual watch for you too small or you are tired to wear glasses in order to see the time, it best choice for their money.
    A good gift for a big man, and for people wearing glasses. Perfect for grandfathers.A well-known company produces watches for all occasions and taken care of great people. these watches will look good on a man's hand above average growth for people with small hands are too big. Well suited man prefers classical style.
  • Incredible!!

    posted by ikkibo

    Absolutely beautiful wristwatch, was expecting a decent one for this price but this is amazing!!
    You can turn the bezel, it makes nice "click" sound when turned.
    I asked for extra bubblewrap because I've heard these breaking easily in the mail, but got a nice box so this would make a great gift.
    Dials glow in the dark.
    Perfect watch for formal occasions like weddings etc. Looks very expensive and very nice, almost too nice to be kept as an everyday watch. I will definately get another one, it'll make a great gift.
    Just really great!!!
  • Very good for the price

    posted by Pulllga

    - Good steel, dont get rusted;- Good finishe, all parts are well cutted and assembled;- The watch box its good for gift;- The dials glow in the dark;
    - I used it every work day and it dont brother me, it can store energy on the coil from the night to the nexxt morning easy;- If you use the watch everyday the time is always correct, but if the spring run with low energy, the time get a bit outdated;
  • I liked!

    posted by kaiqueqg

    Good looking watch! Comes with tachymetre and self-winding ( I learned now what self-winding means ) The watchband isn't locked on the clock, so you will not break the watchband. I liked everything about the looking of this watch.
    Because the fact that the tachymetre doesn't move and the build quality isn't perfect I give 4 on price. Could be lower.
    I will buy another one but with diferent color. If I could I bought again. Worth the money but the price could be lower.

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